How To Find & Catch Pikachu – Pokemon GO

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Learn how to find, catch & capture Pikachu in Pokemon GO! Tutorial on how to choose Pikachu as your starter Pokemon in Pokemon GO!
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23 Responses

  1. I caught 2 pikachus by sitting in my house only?

  2. Go to google and simply type: gamesecrx guide You will get the only one free secret tool completely FREE for this game.

  3. Omg please make more Pokemon Go videos! Idk if you're up to date on the game, but raids bring lots of people together to battle and catch legendary Pokemon and might even be a great place for you to open packs while the group forms. Also, because of you I bought my first Pokemon packs in more than 15 years! Mostly to get the mega starter pins for my laptop bag…but I think something may have been awoken in me. Brb going to Walmart 😉

  4. raju dusad says:

    i catuch pekachu in my car

  5. Nooh Sarwar says:

    I found a pikachu at the hospital it must of have been their because it was injured by battling riachu

  6. LC06YT says:

    there always around my train station

  7. charmandar is easy to catch in Pokemon go

  8. Gabriel P says:

    i caught a pikachu on my bed

  9. Jacob Kinsey says:

    I've got my PIKACHU near the sea

  10. i tried to make the starter Pokemon disappear then reappear but it did not work

  11. Mr Slow poke says:

    He sounds like markipleir

  12. TomatoHead says:

    Thanks for the tip 😀

  13. retci says:


  14. Where I live there is so much where the beach so the beaches are good places to get them

  15. popcorn51981 says:

    I caught 2 Pikachu in one night, the first one I set a lure by hobby lobby because people have been trying to catch Gengar and outta nowhere Pikachu appeared and the second one was by burger king

  16. brandon says:

    I caught a Pikachu that was at a hill behind my house and I didn't even know.

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