How to Get: "Heretic" Emblem (Limited Time) | Destiny 2

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In this video I share how to get the “Heretic” emblem for the game Destiny 2.
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11 Responses

  1. JohnnyP says:

    Awwwwwwww. Just purchased an item and got the the Black Friday emblem,,

  2. Vez Orbit says:

    Not as good as the cutting edge emblem

  3. nick boz says:

    Another dope emblem review who is enjoying the curse of Osiris

  4. Wtf $8 shipping on a poster? Guess ill buy the soundtrack again

  5. spyderem 88 says:

    Really I have to buy something else again from the store haha… im scare they will forget to email me the emblem again…

  6. Amazing video U Get Any Exotics Gun & Armor

  7. i4nix13 says:

    I do like that emblem, maybe some day I'll be able to afford something from the website that I like lol :p <3 I'm a plain Jane kinda guy, I'd be happy with a plain white t-shirt and the Destiny emblem on the arm or chest 🙂

  8. Armando Diaz says:

    I love my Darkness emblem. Gonna be hard to switch lol

  9. isaac Medina says:

    You’re the best source for information for stuff like this ? Thanks!!

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