How To Get Master Skill Rating in Overwatch – Overwatch Tips & Tricks

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How To Get Master Skill Rating in Overwatch – Overwatch Tips & Tricks
If you want to achieve Master Skill rating in Overwatch Competitive (Season 3) hopefully this video will help you. My tips and tricks video includes stuff like play the meta, practise with more than 1 hero and of course practise more. Its important to get out of diamond skill rating in Overwatch if you ara a good player, because that SR is sometimes called ‘elo-hell’ meaning its where 80% of the player base is situated….

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9 Responses

  1. Zerabus says:

    I love video games but I suck at them because my parents don't let me play much

  2. No offence or anything, but it doesn't really work for me and I'm a soldier main

  3. Ian Mcmahon says:

    I seriously need a group
    Of people to play with I play on console and just sick of solo queing it's dropped my rank from 2675 to 2354 🙁

  4. Cosy says:

    Great vid bro . keep making this kind of content 😀

  5. Astinax says:

    I've been trying to get better at competitive and honestly I'm so so far to being good xD

  6. iTsHULKSMASH says:

    I'd say mastering multiple hero's is the biggest one. right now I am jumping around 3100SR

  7. Benji says:

    Am not really good at Overwatch or play it. But awesome video non the less am guessing for actually overwatch fans this video will make a lot more sense aha ?

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