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SUB and LIKE the video! How to Get Solo Wins in Fortnite Season 7 Tips and Tricks! How to Win Build Fights in Fortnite Console Tips and Tricks, In this video I analyze my gameplay and talk about how to keep the high ground in a public match of fortnite and how this will help you along with other tips to get solo wins in fortnite season 7 and get more kills in these solo wins, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite!

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26 Responses

  1. The Goblin says:

    Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! <3
    Support a creator = thegoblinyt

  2. Fi says:

    It's always tryhards I try to find action to get better but a sweaty always kills me can get a first solo win

  3. Cozy Quack says:

    Console players are lucky all the pc players are tryhards

  4. Nierkis says:

    When an enemy rushes me my heart is going so hard

  5. JcLurkz says:

    My stats
    Solo: 62 Duos: 114. Squads: 261

  6. JcLurkz says:

    Lol why am I here I have 62 solo wins

  7. can i get v-bucks plz

  8. King Puma says:

    Thx for the help sub to me

  9. Every time I play this game I want to die

  10. Game god Pro says:

    Take the L now because

  11. Go look at 00.40 her butt was showing

  12. Chloe says:

    i’m tier 47 and i have no wins……..

  13. ur the best
    i wach ur vids all day

  14. thx u got me my first win
    i love ur vids i sub to u and i like the vid

  15. Connor Lever says:

    i wish xbox servers were as easy as ps4 servers

  16. Im crying cuz im bad and they bully me cuz I’m bad

  17. khakha101 says:

    Saw his stats, he is pretty decent.

  18. Likes = pump damage

  19. Shroud says:

    I take a thing of cloth over the people left part so I don’t panic that I’m top 3

  20. Very helpful video.. Thanxz !

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