How to Optimize Diablo 3 FPS

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Few quick steps how to optimize your FPS in game!

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18 Responses

  1. Kamil Pawlak says:

    Its work for me, thanks!

  2. Pedro says:

    Fantastic, this helped me a lot!

  3. 이호영 says:

    Thanks!! (^-^)
    ( )

  4. r7 370 gamin 4gb diablo 3 play to burn 😀
    now rx480 8gb gaming x

  5. Kenchucky says:

    dude damn watched 2 of your vids and i like it allot. where did you go? no more vids??

  6. Tavita Games says:

    it worked thank you so muck!!!

  7. Tavita Games says:

    it worked thank you so muck!!!

  8. Adam McMahan says:

    best way to get stable fps in this game … get a Intel CPU preferably a current gen that is 3.2ghz quad core or better. and install game on a solid state drive … then of course a decent gpu … you will have a great d3 experience … the SSD and CPU is more important than the gpu in this game tho …

  9. Tim says:

    are you a teacher or something ? u seem like one

  10. Krusiv says:

    Will new patches rewrite the D3Prefs changes I make?

  11. HOLA , les tengo la solucion a su problema .
    deben crearse una cuenta de usuario estándar solo para jugar al diablo , en windows
    INICIO —  panel de control — agregar o quitar cuentas de usuario — crear una nueva cuenta — crean la cuenta y despues contarme los resultados .. TRADUCCION GOOGLE

  12. It's pretty insulting to the developers and artists of the game to have spent hundreds of hours working their rear ends off, trying as hard as they can to make a game look good to impress you, and the first thing you assholes do is set it to fucking NINTENDO 64 MODE?

    Do you know how offensive that is? Imagine if that were you who put all that work in and all you see on the internet is people DISABLING your work. It would crush you. You need to delete this video and make a new one encourage people to stop smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol and buy a competent computer to see the games the way they're meant to be seen.

  13. this "tweak" is as old as D3V and doesn't help most of the players. It's mostly engine bug (nvidia cards) which can't utilize the nvidia GPU.

  14. David P says:

    Thanks for the video, very useful!

  15. Patron03041 says:

    thanks nugi
    last days i had many wds in my parties, and it got laggy as hell
    so this is the perfect video for me now 😀

  16. Its 2014 we dont need to optimize stuff for D3 anymore 😉

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