How To Raise Your Rank In Overwatch

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“Mercy is just a bunch of pixels on your screen”

First of all, Love knows no bounds!

Second, welcome to the description where I describe today’s video! A wonderful place full of happiness, glee, and not so dank out of date memes! It’s just an overwatch video from my placements games. still have more to do but I don’t like to watch long videos so I’m not going to make long videos anymore. Enjoy and I hope you got click baited enough to want to stick around for the next video!


overwatch update

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4 Responses

  1. I love the keyboard clicking that makes my ears bleed ❤️

  2. SilentTheOne says:

    I loved it, the editing was wonderful and the little Genji short was really cool xD makes a lot more sense watching it from start to finish then the little peak at Minx's stream xD

  3. SEA x HAWK says:

    You're a T H I C C sexy beast bezo.

  4. Camputrix says:

    damb that was pretty good

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