How to Shoot your “SHOTGUNS” shots Better in Fortnite! (Hit every shot)

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how to shoot your shotguns shots better in fortnite! ?! 100 LIKES for more fortnite!

? USK Hydro ?

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38 Responses

  1. USK Gaming says:

    Chat we need your help guy's please! GO into our 24/7 fortnite stream and drop a like do it for the fam! ( Drop a comment if you dropped a like on the stream.

  2. nintendo switch aim assist is aimbot

  3. SLJ Fire says:

    Me: WOW this looks professional must be good.
    (Clicks on video)

    (Watches until 0:31 and face palms)

  4. the beggining was not a good example lol on aim

  5. omg I put on aim assist and got 6 wins

  6. I did a 18 headshot with a heavy

  7. EveryMichael says:

    wait the tactical supressed smg is in teh game with the stink bomb how? it got removed right?

  8. snowwy says:

    What’s the intro song?

  9. Ayaan Usmani says:

    If u miss most of your shots just build or practice wit your friends in playground mode if u dont have friends practice with trees.

  10. Great video. It really helped me

  11. J3LIAH says:

    “How to improve your shotgun aim” misses first 2 shots

  12. Simon_Law says:

    Wow this video is called (how to hit every shot) You are perfect to hit btw 0:30

  13. Setify_Viper says:

    Title says hit more shots on fortnite but at the beginning he missed 2 easy shots

  14. first time watching. this dude says guys a lot

  15. Jesus Jesus says:

    i killed ninja!!!!!!!!!!

  16. that kinduf helped because since ive benn playing forntie for 4 season ijust jump all the time so no ill try not to filk my shots when i am jumping and smging beceause i dont no why but yea thanks man.
    your dearest radom guy

  17. Tyler Beam says:

    im so stupid. ive been pissed off cause i cant hit any shots… and my aim assist was off

  18. Drew Simon says:

    “How to hit shotgun shots” starts video by missing 2 point blank shotgun shots. ?

  19. What color blind mode u on

  20. fortnite sucks nothig helps me and i used to be awesome but I cant even kill anyone anymore it's so stupid

  21. J3LIAH says:

    How to shoot your shotgun shots misses the first 2 shots of a shotgun at the start

  22. Ashiq Khan says:

    I don’t like the raper in your intro

  23. Squirtle427 says:


  24. Antonio Diaz says:

    what are your graphics

  25. R3D says:

    What sensitivity do you play on

  26. Please tell me your sensitivity

  27. Piggy Yang says:

    Aye how are u double pumping ing season 5

  28. “Hit every shot” the first fight he missed 2 shots…

  29. I am trying to join the usk clan is it possible

  30. BAGGY KING says:

    How is he still double pumping like wtf

  31. I couldn’t hit my shotgun shots to save my life and I didn’t even realize I had aim assist off lul

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