How To Survive Tilted Duos | Fortnite Battle Royale Live Guide

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A deeper look into a typical Tilted Towers duo with Cole and Josh! Fortnite Tilted Towers Duos Tips!


Cole’s Xbox Live/PSN Gamertag: RodeyBrosCole
Josh’s Xbox Live/PSN Gamertag: RodeyBrosJosh

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24 Responses

  1. Rodey Bros says:

    Let's see the late-night YouTube crew! New Fortnite video!
    Check out our brand new merch here!

  2. RexuZed Srex says:

    Josh: I got u bandades

    Me: ummm there's not a such thing as bandades in fortnite, but there's bandages

  3. For anyone that a noob have a friend and play Duo you learn a lot from it I have anyway

  4. Lord Shaxx says:

    Rip hitting high damage long shots with rifles ? Damage falloff is so homo

  5. DeffDeff says:

    What happened to “Don’t ramp rush with metal” 5:33

  6. Eris Jolley says:

    I actually really like your comms. I get that you're brothers but this is text-book, quality short sharp and informative call outs which is itself a really good skill to learn

  7. What sensitivity do you use-I really want to get good with a shotgun

  8. Erminio.Q says:

    All i need to win: good internet

  9. Solidfighter says:

    what is your color settings?

  10. i had a PUBG ad….

    1. im cursed!

    2 idc

    3. pubg wants me

  11. RealTalk309 says:

    Died at step 1 lmao

  12. Umbreona says:

    lol the amount of spray and pray its a little overboard and the lack of building shows how bad this guy is.

  13. JakeMcBoss says:

    Boring video, please stick to voice overs

  14. ツWolfz says:

    i got 8 kills in tilted in 1 min and 30 sec but got sniped by 2 ppl at the same time

  15. MX Michael says:

    Wait, so is the purple tactical shotgun gone now? I can’t seem to get it anymore. I have noticed a blue pump shotgun and a white tac.

  16. Reaper says:

    I’d like to go tilted but my game always lags there and can’t really do much. Any settings to fix this?

  17. PhoeniX Clan says:

    Check out my first fortnite montage please

  18. ursulahx says:

    The captions really help to understand what you’re doing at each point.

  19. TeeQoz says:

    i have 560 games played but 0 wins

  20. Great video with real tips that I didn’t learn the first day I played this game lol

  21. m m says:

    You should organize your loadouts more often…

  22. Great video! Just one question guys, how do you make the light of the guns and other stuff be so bright like that? It's like they glow in the dark places.

  23. Awesome idea to make this idea for Duos!

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