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HOW TO WIN #1 FORTNITE TIPS #11 Pro Tips To Pushing Forts

Best Tips to use RAMP RUSHING to push players inside of bases in fortnite while playing to take the win! I give some tips on early and end game in fortnite ramp rush strategy , the comment sections seem to be filled with question like how to play aggressive and how to get better and pushing forts top 10 and top 5 situations – so ill be sure to focus more on these topics in this video and upcoming videos to get you guys more…

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50 Responses

  1. MonsterDface says:

    TILTED CITIES? Fookin Noob ???

  2. I knew he didn't really know what he was talking about when he said tilted cities

  3. wtf is tilted cities

  4. You have the best fortnite tips man ty

  5. Easy Win he says but get super hype lol

  6. Vernon says:

    Anyone noticed the banhammer at 1:26 ?

  7. WiMSYCal says:

    Always look at your bush guys…. (Insert lenny face)

  8. Oliver Ryan says:

    I stopped watching this just bc he said TILTED CITYS

  9. What Is tilted cities?!??!?!?!?!!!?!?!@?!?

  10. Blue Wolf says:

    Siege of shanghai map bf4 is in da thumbnail

  11. I love ur vids!!! They help me so much! I’m trying to learn how to survive end games!

  12. RenZo _ says:

    About the ramp rush, what if they shoot down the ramps

  13. I thought he said tilted tities lol

  14. I had 1 prime time game sense moment when me and my homie were in duos and the storm just finished closing in and I called out to look behind us to make sure nobody runs up on us out the storm and then low and behold another duo came running out the storm and we dropped them. Game sense be real.

  15. IamAScrub says:

    I try but I don’t know why I am die ing I’ll send you my twitch name check my stream on Saturday ur choice time comment what I do wrong

  16. IamAScrub says:

    Hey I have no idea why I die I will try to send you gameplay

  17. Even when I double my ramps, they'll still shoot both and I'll fall to my death

  18. MrSamB says:

    When should I build my final fort? Also, should I build it in the middle of the circle or near the outside? When I try building my fort everyone seems to target me from all sides

  19. Yeet Meat says:

    Man my aim is traaasshh

  20. Thank you I got my 12 win in solo

  21. fixicsz btw says:

    Sounds like tilted titties

  22. Boss Boys says:

    Can you please do a duo with TSM MYTH

  23. shiv Nik says:

    Make more videos like this! Excellent

  24. Spharax says:

    Hey, I'm still stuck on 0 solo wins, what should I focus on doing to get one?

  25. Juan Pablol says:

    It annoys me how you didn’t pick up blue ar

  26. You helped me a lot I was out to catch bodies but ended dying because I didn’t know how I should be attacking

  27. yuriszabo says:

    At beginniers you said tilted tities

  28. I have been binge watching these vids and i dont know how you don’t have 1 mill subs ??


  29. RayJay020 says:

    My friend tilts his head at school, so i call him tilted towers now.

  30. Tyr says:

    your videos are just so well made, thanks for all of them

  31. I want to get tons of kills but don't really care about winning

  32. Monster your vids have helped me so much I could barely get 25th and nom I’m getting 3rd almost every 3 rounds. I just can’t get my win.

  33. ShottzMG says:

    Aye that yung W gang tho

  34. DEFIED MODZ says:

    You are definitely my favourite YouTuber"Great personality and if of course good fortnite gameplays and tips

  35. Vishal Patel says:

    YO PLEASE LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!! I have trouble spotting players like the guy in the bushes and the ones in the bases I had no idea were there or how you knew. PLEASE answer or make a video thank you

  36. Brian says:

    Any console tips? Building is not as easy as on pc.

  37. -_- says:

    "Always check your bushes guy's" ???

  38. Sai Storys says:

    Did he say tiltled titties

  39. Kinoshuma says:

    you sound like joey salads

  40. actually to win in fortnite you have to get high advantage and take control of the area

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