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SUB and LIKE the video! How to Win Fights in Fortnite Season 7 Tips How to Get More Kills in Fortnite Season 7 Tips and Tricks, In this video I take a nice gameplay I got here with a solo victory royale and analyze each of the gunfights and build fights to talk about my thought process and some good plays I made as well as some mistakes throughout the whole gameplay, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite!

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24 Responses

  1. The Goblin says:

    Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! <3
    Support a creator = thegoblinyt

  2. Guess Who says:

    I really want battle pass but my mum and dad wont let me😩

  3. The video starts at 1:21

    Your welcome.

  4. Will u plz play a few games with me to help me train😭plz plz plz name is TENSE RoyalFire

  5. iiking leo says:

    Plz check my recent video on how to get more kills.

  6. u deserve so many more subs

  7. JBARBEE2005 says:

    I like both channels

  8. Zoe Johnson says:

    12:45 you missed the minis😭

  9. Jiahua Wang says:

    you just got lucky with that shotgun headshot if i was playing im already dead

  10. ante2008 says:

    I couldn't win any fight and I always die when I started watching your videos I became pro and I every game win thanks for tips everyone calls me noob for having default skin but I beat them in playground and I beat ghoul trooper 34 to 5

  11. You suck I've tyred to do what you said and i deied evry time

  12. Mx_ Ghost says:

    It was too easy back then,with the double pump

  13. Can you do a raw audio video because i think that’s one thing i misunderstand about when to push

  14. DLX MILLION says:

    Letz get 2k likes so goblinz will look better

  15. Bill says:

    xbox gamertag: zawsin
    i have 830 wins. it doesn’t matter how many wins you have 🙂

  16. XxaZxX says:

    I land tilted like almost every match but i never improve!😢😢😢Plz get me more wins in duos!😩

  17. MLGEmoji says:

    What are your graphic settings? Your game looks so good!

  18. Unattached says:

    Can u make a tip video on how to land faster cuz I usually die because I land last

  19. What's your sensitivity. Please reply and answer because I have been struggling to get wins

  20. Brightcore says:

    Love ur videos i made a 16 kill dou squad win thx bro!

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