Huge Pokemon GO Youtuber meetup in San Francisco with Team Rocket! Palkia raids!! ep. 120

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In this episode, PokeTwon heads to a big meetup with the bay area community and a number of pokemon go influencers! Enjoy!

Pkm Master Holly:

Trainer Tips:


Mystic 7:


Jt Gily:…

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3 Responses

  1. Fun times PokeTwon, .LOLZ hope you and pkmnmasterHolly didn't get any hand craps by signing so many autographs that day man!I know this saturday for me irl Is going to be a very huge blast , out here in Las Vegas Holly's going to be doing a meet up with her fans here lol about time! =) After 2 years of watching her pokemon go videos i can't wait to shiny hunt with her and she said maybe JTGilly and Mystic7 may be there too! =O im going to have holly autograph this Shaymin Sky form holo card and im giving her a Gengar or another EX or GX TCG card as a gift lol peace!

  2. I hope Go Fest is back in Chicago. This time I’ll go earlier & stay longer. Can’t wait to see everyone again & wish I can go to California o SF some day. That gotta happen at some point. ??

  3. Franky Meza says:

    Hey look I see me! It was awesome meeting you. You are truly a kind person. I hope to run into you agian!

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