Hunters are Annoying: Destiny 2

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Hunters in Destiny 2 are annoying. They are the worst class in the game. they smell weird, and I do not like them. If you are a hunter, get away from me

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21 Responses

  1. Bah Shiba says:

    The Tash Man: "I don't care about my wedding, my wife can go fu-…"
    The hunter mentality has taken him over boys!

  2. PoorlyZero says:

    Trace rifles are stupid af and now people are gonna use them cuz of Zkmushroom

  3. Noah Fantom says:

    Lmao tash you’re literally a generic fist of panic Titan with one eyed mask 😉 all love tho..

  4. People sleep on poor old cold heart 🙁

  5. Marine1986 - says:

    I’m not gonna lie I stopped Destiny for some time, however thanks to this video I’m definitely reinstalling for some good ole crucible ?

  6. Jason Nivan says:

    You could’ve made a mountaintop joke

  7. I can’t tell what you’re more mad at. Hunters or Mountaintop/Recluse lol

  8. Marine1986 - says:

    Hahahahahahahaha……ah good stuff, happy marriage bro man ?

  9. Hunters are the most annoying class in the game. Hands down easiest class to use. If you play hunter, I am just going to assume you play fortnite whilst listening to old town road with a spoon shoved up your butt. Warlock master race. Please, salty hunters do dislike my comment

  10. Says Hunters are annoying. Can say I don't disagree. But the fact that titans have a one hit melee, a super that can last an eternity if used properly, and the best grenade in the game for PvP is pretty annoying too. Then there's Warlocks with handheld supernova, arc web, and everlasting dawnblades. All classes are annoying in their own way, don't just rag on Hunters.

  11. looks around suspiciously

    Alright hunters, who told him about the secret seagull call?

  12. Eaziest Clap says:

    Mountaintop recluse is why this is easy not because you are a hunter lul

  13. Eaziest Clap says:

    Constant shit on hunters i dont get it

  14. 10 Hunters, 2 Warlocks, 0 Titans

  15. Ace of Mason says:

    You use One Eyed. I rest my case.

  16. There needs to be a love button cuz i freakin loved thos video

  17. Next video:
    CoLdHeArT Is BrOkEn

  18. Max Diehl says:

    As a Titan main I can confirm that hunters are anoying

  19. Sean Murphy says:

    Speaking as a hunter main this had me rolling on the floor laughing, you are my new favorite Destiny youtuber, keep these vids coming!!

  20. Every subclass has a one hit kill ability except hunters so Titans (which I hate) and warlocks (I was a warlock main) you guys have no reason to complain you guys have panic charge and handheld super panic

  21. The coldheart has 0.67 optimal ttk

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