I CHEATED in the Fortnite Mobile WORLD CUP..

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► I CHEATED in the Fortnite Mobile WORLD CUP..

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41 Responses

  1. Can I get the account pls

  2. When u actually need to make giveaways so your channel won't die.

  3. Devvy says:

    “I can get popular off playing any game” what happened? Oh ur channel died 😉

  4. DNC cash says:

    U have to make your support a creator code

  5. Drunken GUY says:

    Check ur second channel most recent video…. (I am not qutting minecraft) 6months ago xD

  6. I liked and subbed and I follow you on insta on 2 Accounts Insta is Caoileann_053

  7. XBF FOOTBALL says:

    You’re an alright YouTuber, but why do you sound like like you’re laughing all the time

  8. ArrGee says:

    World Cup

  9. Yeet Chow says:

    Guul traper tank yew

  10. Moltus says:

    He made the video before on his phone

  11. Shrey Patel says:

    My Twitter is shreytheking

  12. Is this patched or still work ??

    I would assume it says input blocked??

  13. Ur playing against all platforms bruh

  14. Can you do building keybinds on this?

  15. MA Striker says:

    Following you on ig my user is mikeayala114

  16. Dark says:

    It would put you in pc servers you idiot, you're not funny and stop manipulating little kids

  17. Bro.. Change , your dying.

  18. I need v bucks for next season please contact me to get me some if you can

  19. John Azevedo says:

    why are u on another phone scammm

  20. GotThis says:

    I tought this was you pc lmao

  21. look at you now with 1mil congrats

  22. i am og to your channel i watched you seenseyou had 2000 subs i am og

  23. PalsB4gals says:

    I would really like the account I don’t want it sound like I’m begging but honestly my favourite skin in the whole game is ghoul trouper and sparkle specialist and u have both and I could possibly win them if u look at my account I am young and I would really appreciate this account I hope u see this love your videos by the way thanks

  24. Jay Taen says:

    I want the ghoul trooper account

  25. IiBoFteka _ says:

    Back to minecraft ??

  26. zynski 1 says:

    I want to win pls ok now pls pls pls I need I don't have support a creator now lol give me your account now lol lol XD XD xd pls
    I follow you on Instagram

  27. MysticOCE says:

    i liked the video before it even started

  28. There is no mobile World Cup, it’s all linked to all platforms

  29. Javed Walker says:

    Why your voice has autoduck or sidechain effect?

  30. U sound like your all ways smiling

  31. Dom Hill says:

    Brother your losing subs fast

  32. How did it feel like you were on top made fun of people on the bottom and now your on the bottom. Losing subs by the second

  33. You sound like the YouTuberexotics lair, like if I’m right

  34. Can the account link to my ps4 account?

  35. Jakethe1_st says:

    Can I please have the account

  36. You tell lies you bully other small content creators you craper

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