I tried out for a MOBILE Fortnite Clan while CHEATING…

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► I tried out for a MOBILE Fortnite Clan while CHEATING…

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44 Responses

  1. ShotGunPlays says:

    WATCH PART 2 HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hqtw6jRQe4 (ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED THERE TOO)

  2. Daryl Ramos says:

    Not talking about this video because I know it's a troll.

    BUT! If you play console or mobile with mouse and keyboard you're trash

  3. Paul Phan says:

    Bruh this mobile (not shotgunplays) is doodoo

  4. He just sounds like your average middle school bully ?

  5. You did a fortnite video with like 3 kills in it?

  6. Aditya Sunil says:

    ur keyboard is so bloody loud, there is no way he couldnt have heard it lmao

  7. I am a fortnite mobile Player sind would destroy you

    Name : Johnwick0088

  8. Ward Houben says:

    Lmao if one like equals 1 cup of water, then Shotgunplays would die from water-poisening

  9. Joshua Bonet says:

    I’m assuming he doesn’t here the pound mouse and keyboard clicking lol

  10. SHOTGUNRAIDS you can hear your keyboard the whole time lol

  11. Zeus Pw says:

    Who want a cake?
    ( ?)
    / > ?
    Cost = 1like

  12. Matt_The Boy says:

    Drink 138k cups of water!?

  13. this has only been up for 5 days and its already the best doing video on this channel. congrats on 8mil views

  14. tooth paste says:

    shoulda trolled him by buying hella bouncers

  15. All that building he did is hurting my eyes

  16. tooth paste says:

    cant hear one of those loud ass keyboards

  17. # rage fuc what the hell you son of a bich

  18. Esteban FTW says:

    10:25 builds down??? Glider deploy
    Nice vid

  19. Tiasmile says:

    Stop zooming out, it's annoying

  20. How did he not hear his LOUD KEYBOARD.

  21. iminvisissblelikessissaidd

  22. I am cheater and never stop to cheat

  23. Why do you laugh when you talk?

  24. Please talk slower and louder i dont understand anything

  25. Lil KFC Boi says:

    "Fortnite mobile clan" this is why aliens dont want to visit our planet

  26. This guy acts like a little kid

  27. Amadeus says:

    dude you're not even good you make so many mistakes and can only build cause of auto build lmaaooo

  28. MR.R.K says:

    I will beat u on my 150 ping from south Africa to europ

  29. MR.R.K says:

    Ur so bad at build battling bro

  30. Nia Geeh says:

    "Your one of those rich people?"
    Yeah, yeah
    "Why do you need my 5 dollars then?" ???????????

  31. PB11 says:

    Bloody hell 8 million views woah

  32. He said he was on Fortnite mobile since season 1 when mobile came out in season 3

  33. Hobo Carrot says:

    How did he not hear the freakin keyboard clacking

  34. Levi Francis says:

    Who watched this in 2021

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