I Used a CONTROLLER in Fortnite Mobile…

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I Used a CONTROLLER in Fortnite Mobile…

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47 Responses

  1. GrantTheGoat says:

    goated on the sticks

    also, the reason why there is a Y button is because mobile displays Nintendo switch controls no matter what controller you are using! 🙂

    Also, I am able to play with a PS4 controller because iOS 13 supports it!

  2. Why is your controller a ps4 controller and on screen it says you’re using a Xbox controller

  3. Taylor Titla says:

    Hey I did that to and I got 28 killeos

  4. He's play with a ps4 controller but it shows Xbox controls

  5. AJ Boy says:

    He was faking it some parts of him playing were Xbox buttons

  6. How did you connect the controller??

  7. He pre recorded the video

  8. lolflamg lol says:

    It is a xbox controller

  9. It's cross platform so ur getting console players too

  10. I never knew ps4 controllers had Y and B

  11. Angel Virgen says:

    Can you play controller on ios 12?

  12. Marcus Wong says:

    He’s using a PS4 controller but on the screen it’s an Xbox controller 😂😂

  13. Daisy Pathak says:

    U should switch to controller

  14. LegendZxntox says:

    Click on Right Joystick to sneak not working Click on the pad on the controller to open the map didn’t work!🤬😭😂

  15. yeet man says:

    That's definitely a "pS4 cOnTrOlLeR" cuz ps4 100% has LB, RB And Y

  16. Why does it have Nintendo switch controls

  17. TNT Nerd says:

    Use the Xbox controller on mobile it’s better

  18. It says y and b but he on ps4?

  19. GG Lazer says:

    Make sense ok 👍🏻

  20. U still suck btw at ps4 get better kid 1v1 me

  21. Matei smau says:

    How do you conect the controler on a phonr

  22. Dodi Adomi says:

    He is faking it shows x y b a

  23. Because ur watching a video

  24. Ur watching ur self playing on Xbox like ur play in ur

  25. Start the game then connect your controller now dats a banger

  26. How many inches your IPad Pro

  27. Ra ze says:

    I like your L2 Spam btw

  28. Wyatt Thao says:

    Why does you ps4 controller have a letter b and y. Hmm🤔

  29. It’s fake cause on ps4 is O and not B

  30. GODz Lrmzxzx says:

    This is so fake ps4 controllers don’t connect to phone

  31. Did anyone else notice that he was using a ps4 controller and in the game it said he was using a Xbox controller

  32. Zombie Boy says:

    To get in mobile with controller get in lobby with mobile than switch

  33. Bruh it’s not even right 😂😂 u can’t play without a adaptor

  34. ZorkDaGod says:

    Is ios 13 fixed for fortnite, and can you do l3r3

  35. Conner Sharp says:

    You should get in ps4 lobbys and try to win with mobile controlls

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