INSANE! HIGH CP DRAGONITE & LAPRAS + Best EVER Evolution Video in Pokemon GO & Halloween Event Tips!

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Pokemon Go Best Ever Evolutions!! Pokemon Go High CP Dragonite & Lapras! Evolving Charizard, Venusaur & Dragonite!
Pokemon GO Halloween Event Tips!!! & Best Rare Evolutions!
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34 Responses

  1. what does no mean I keep seeing it next to some of your pokemon

  2. You find more starters then eney starter of myn

  3. Peter Tran says:

    I still don't have a snorlax

  4. Revilo says:

    my lapras has dragon pulse what the heck

  5. Kukni jak vyzeras ty cicavec pojebany

  6. why is that color on the pokemon? they are more light

  7. Lynette 50 says:

    Loving your videos. But hoping the event is over soon.. Got myself a great little GengarGuild (7 x 1300 – 1600 cp) for kicking gym asses and training.. But starting to wish it was over.. Other than finding a Charmander nest on Thursday, ((finally getting my Charizard)) when the event started, and finding two and hatching one Pikachu, ((after walking 39km to evolve a Pikachu)) oh, and my 7 year old grandsons luck, as he hatched a 10km egg for me, to a 1990cv 91 IV Snorlax, nothing much happens in my neck of the woods lol..
    From an Instinct in Scotland xXx

  8. hi ben, do you have any suggestion to get easier 10km eggs?

  9. I use a pikachu as my buddy. I caught a marowak at my house 21cp

  10. There's a pokemon go festival on our country last saturday and John Hank attend that event
    you can watch the video on my channel 😀

  11. did you do pokemon GO because go stands for "Go Outside"

  12. I got a porygon from a 2km egg but they go in the 5km egg

  13. That ball of light is just the game downloading the 3D model

  14. DatBoi says:

    I wasted all my poke balls and great balls on a Golbat because…. why not. (It ran away 🙁 )

  15. Tyler P says:

    Anyone else ever notice that he can't count past 100,000???

  16. BetaDan GMD says:

    A hypno and a haunter, SPAWNED IN MY HOUSE. Also, check out ''! It's a real Pokémap! It won't track EVERYTHING, but it tracks a lot of things, for example, it showed a meowth on my street, and it spawned in the exact same place in Pokémon Go! It disappeared after 2mins because it said on the map it had 2mins left! And, a ghastly spawned, but it didn't show that on the Pokémap. It doesn't track everything! Keep that in mind, the one that you can look up on Google is better than the one on the App Store. But I think you should get the app in case the website gets banned. Happy Catching!

  17. (when i looked at the youtube pic before i clicked) THE TIME IS NOW THANKS TO SIENCE

  18. Alexis says:

    I'm using magikarp as my Buddy,0.25km per candy and I don't have a gyarados yet so… and I'm close! that's an idea that people might use ? 🙂

  19. Romeo Evans says:

    sir Ben thank u so much for all the pokemon go videos.. keep it up…

  20. my gosh you my fav youtuber you da best thanks for the tips man my lapras is my pet now

  21. Ddd Gggg says:

    That hypno was insane!!!

  22. D-KILL says:

    why do you unfav the pokemon

  23. Um… sorry if this is irritating but the highest recorded cp for dragonite is 3500

  24. Like= find a snorlax

    Sub find draganite

    Dislike find a ratta

    Don't sub find a pigey

  25. im on level 19 and I got a dratini and I evovled I TV to a dranair I need 96 candys left

  26. Oso says:

    Guess what

    Read More

  27. Oso says:

    You know how when you evolve a pokemon you get 1 candy of it's type for doing that? Now do you get 2 candies for that? Not like I really care, I just wanna know :3

  28. Oso says:

    Why should I walk with my snorlax? I mean, I guess I could power it up, but that's it. No evolving 😛

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