Insane RiskRunner Build!! GAMBIT ACADEMY: Destiny 2

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One of the best Gambit builds you can put together – the Risk Runner / Verity’s Brow chain lightning combo! Fastest way to shred ADS and pick up motes, guaranteed*
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36 Responses

  1. Swag Con says:

    Whose here before 100k subs

  2. Moto2Sport says:

    The whole grenade thing against fallen is just unnecessary. You get het be arc ever second. This is very good for cabel though

  3. Audard says:

    Makes a Arc build so he can have Riskrunner popping… gets Fallen.

  4. daft vagrant says:

    "Anyway here's Wonderwall" I effn lost it.

  5. Berelore says:

    Risk runner has infinite ammo while proc'd so the scavenger is a bit stupid…

  6. Bro that load out is nasty!!!

  7. Adding a de-esser might mask the fudge

  8. midgetconi says:

    Another thing to add would be a class item with the "regen on orb pickup" perk so that you can resist more damage

  9. Joe Bradish says:

    This build looks like it could be forge worthy too

  10. Seb Ghost says:

    sorry, you dont play solo, you are simply another noob who needs a lot of help :), bye

  11. Oh dude i made this class for myself and it’s so much fun:D thanks!

  12. Seems too fun. Bugie will nerf this because it is fun.

  13. That build was "shocking" lol imma deff try that build out on gambit tho

  14. Eryczak PL says:

    Wouldn't a shotgun in kinetic slot be better?

  15. Ninja Cowboy says:

    Me wishing I was a warlock main instead of hunter main….wait now FUCK WARLOCKS WHERE IS MY GRENADS RECHARGE EXOTIC?????? :(((((

    (great video)

  16. Jason Hamm says:

    Nice. Does it work with titan? Which tree should I try?

  17. Is that a Halo “King of the Hill” logo on the bottom right? Nice.

  18. hexx1810 says:

    Funny video as usual. Riskrunner is my favorite! Good work my dude.

  19. mark m says:

    Supers should be suppressed for the boss at every round

  20. M.A.R.N .E says:

    This build also works in the GoFannon forge, except you don't have to drop you grenades all the time. The Fallen enemies will provide arc, and you can spray away.

  21. Hey someone else uses my gun 😂 I'm typically the only person ever in Gambit with risk runner. My setup is different because it's more for ads and invasion. Typical 40-50 kills per round but can be a lot higher when playing against the vex and the rest of your team let's you bunch them up and hammer down. It's great because chain reaction murders so hard.

  22. Mad-Slick says:

    Doing this strat with the new Fallen mods from SotP could be huge.

  23. Trinki says:

    You can make this even better if you switch to geo before using chaos reach on the prim 🙂

  24. AphexTwin says:

    This video got me psyched to play Gambit, then I get rolled with plebs that literally can't anything. RAGE QUIT

  25. Lord Gunther says:

    Huckleberry with the catylyst is also good asf

  26. I think your build would be better with a special weapon in the kinetic slot

  27. Pee Wee Didi says:

    RiskRunner dominates the Goffanon Forge too, especially the 2nd round with the electric floor shanks.

  28. Why wasn’t I subbed yet? TF?

  29. no offense, huckleberry is just better. no exotic armor needed, no arc damage necessary and you can use your good dps weapons like ep shotty. average kill per gambit always above 60. great video tho

  30. I am going to try this! But you should try the Titan with Riskrunner and AC/D Feedback Fence. It melts just as much as this! I used to use it a lot. I am a Warlock main, I used to be a Titan 2nd.

  31. You can also use a rocket launcher for arc damage. It’s less practical in gambit, but an option for when your in a pinch and out of grenades

  32. My god that was a beautiful team effort filled gameplay. I'm a solo player and my games look nothing like this. Will you be doing more Gambit academy? I run titan as my main. My hunter and warlock are still low 4's. Thanks.

  33. Deflex87 says:

    Can you do one of those build guides for Hunter? Would Love it!

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