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37 Responses

  1. I’m 13 and I play like 9 -10 hours a day cuz I play all night (when it’s the week end)

  2. spray and pray meta was the worst thing that happened to Fortnite. make shotguns great again Epic

  3. zZClutch says:

    Dae why ur editor sound sleepy all the time

  4. Pig Z says:

    1 removal of the double shotty
    = minus much obsession of the game
    Removal of bouncers =
    Near death of fortnite
    1 removal of Daeqaun =
    Death of Epic games

  5. Hate how these streamers talk so much trash on Fortnite but yet make thousands a day smh you guys need to stfu and simply play the damn game!

  6. Michael Lam says:

    How about take that another chug chug at the start

  7. Michael Lam says:

    This guy has the balloon but never use it…

  8. Get rid of double barrel

  9. TempoDeath says:

    Please epic whatch this and fking bring back season 3 theme

  10. BobbyJ915 says:

    I think they should just bring season 2 fortnite back im not just gonna be like OmG THis GaME iS AsS I cANt DoUblE PuMP na but i mean u wanna try explaining to a new gamer why theres mfing balloons, no fall damage, and 3rd partying zombies? they wouldnt want to play a game like fortnite (still add double pumb back im tired of the smg spray meta)

  11. ItsReezh says:

    I am one of many players that are proof that fortnite is dying. A nostalgic season 1 players leaves fortnite on season 6.

  12. 25 hours a day come on Daequan there’s only 24 in a day come on brother

    Love doh have a good day everyone =)

  13. UrBroJLouw says:

    The only reason that I don't like Fortnite is that people don't treat it like a "fun" game. Everybody is sooo sweaty and not willing to, well, goof around? That's why Daquan and Lazarbeam are so much fun to watch. No hate towards Ninja or Tfue, but, it's not illegal to have fun?

  14. nguyen tu says:

    F*&k you, tik tokkkkkk

  15. It has been dead already

  16. Cesurion says:

    "We iNtrOduS tHe NeW "… Fix your gaaaaaame!

  17. yo dae could u friend TheWantan plz

  18. They should put the vector in the game as an smg

  19. San1C Blu says:

    Roblox isn’t dead after a decade and 2 years

  20. Mark Harvey says:

    What i had no clue what he was talking about ?

  21. Fortnite is trying to bring back strategy .Right now everyone is just rushing while building and spraying.

  22. Omnivale says:

    I need a golden or purple shotgun in order to do reasonable damage :/

  23. Niksun BG says:

    How do you have 0 ping?

  24. Omnivale says:

    i want double shotguns, no more smg's

  25. thegrid says:

    If they didnt vault the drum gun the P90 would be irrelevant

  26. levi pearson says:

    Hello epic, this is a semi new player, please make your dayum matchmaking better . sincerely – an annoyed fan

  27. The game is dying ??? because if gliders? Hell no cause of Cod, RDR2, BF5. Not including the game itself is getting stupid. Cod already has more viewers than Fortnite combined on streaming platforms, and RDR2 is close, and when they add MP then they will blow Fortnite out the water. Anyone that says Fortnite isn’t dying is people that get paid from it, or little kids that don’t wanna buy $59.99 games ? Daequan just saying this shit so he won’t lose money

  28. Archer S. says:

    Daequan’s wife: daequan talks about the state of fortnite

    Daequan: 2:46

  29. SAF says:

    Daequan should be epic employee…BIG FAX

  30. Holy says:

    Imma smack yo bald ass when Fortnite dies next year.

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