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Destiny 2 Iron Banner is Sweaty

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49 Responses

  1. ghost Slayer says:

    I was in your first match and I kill you twice so I think I deserve a cookie for that

  2. Chibi I know on your streams you banned talking about cayde but I think we might revive him because one of the Barron’s collect ghosts so we might be able to bring him back with that

  3. @chirobo12 try the hard hitting pulses if you have any 3 graves from dead orbit Eystein and disrespectful stare excellent pulses at range that can do good work against graviton lance and VW as long as you use them at range. People get used to what's easy instead of trying different variations. Good to see you trying out different things.

  4. MrPrice2u says:

    It's sweatty because it's laggy as fuck!

  5. SALA SANA says:

    graviton lance=gun that isnt pulse rifle, its every fucking gun combined together! how great! i love how there's only guns on crucible that are op or broken is someways but everyone is here to have fun!

  6. so no one is going to comment on that 15 ft thunderstrike

  7. Thanks for letting me play with you early er by the way could update your u friend me on PS4 if so user Spectre303

  8. I remember when you played xbox….. goodbye old friend

  9. Dude, wtf is up with yr melee? they dont register. Wait, are you using dial up connection? Your connection is messed up dude.

  10. in iron banner i had todeal with a team that had 4 redrix claymores

  11. I wish hunters would get some love

  12. Graviton a sniper, no no no, it's a scout, hand cannon, pulse, shotgun, sniper and sidearm in one.

  13. Everytime a enemy team has a sniper they go for body shot

  14. Liam Leggitt says:

    Iron banner is always sweaty mate, it's either people using OP guns or abusing something. That's Iron Banner, that's why I played till I got the armour the left XD I'm 405 so there's not much to ro bar farm Mars for stems to get a gun.

  15. Matthew Fei says:

    How come you use bottom tree stormcaller?

    Top trees the way to go!?

  16. Use that burp for whenever u make a transition, that would he hilarious

  17. I’m watching chibi while playing destiny 1 crucible lol while I’m playing a mustard warlock

  18. No ones gonna even comment on the 405 graviton?

  19. Owen Petty says:

    My cat ran away now I only have 1 I am very sad boy

  20. Owen Petty says:

    The old fashioned looks like your loading a big ass slug into it and not ammo

  21. Clurtyx says:

    The way he uses the Fighting lion makes me cry lol

  22. cplews says:

    I love it when you rage, its funny!

  23. Iron barnner and not sweaty don't go in the same sentence lol

  24. nate stevens says:

    Ah, a fellow Reese's man. I see youre a man of culture as well.

  25. Rusty Cloud says:

    chibi remember last nights stream and some1 asked u if u wanted to do a collab with mr fruit and some other guys wellll that was me. hello

  26. Chibi since I know u love sniping u should try the widows bite from beta it got better and love ur videos

  27. TheGamestr says:

    "I would use the meta, too! But, I wanna have fun and use something different."
    That quote pretty much summarizes how I try to play that way in Destiny 2

  28. Shadow58334 says:

    I finally got the destiny forsaken poster

  29. i give up on the crucible till next season,

  30. waterpupy 22 says:

    I love your vids bro, keep it up ??

  31. I have sent u a friend request

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