LEGO at BlizzCon 2018! LEGO Blizzard Overwatch Sets Available for PRE-ORDER! | Weekly LEGO News

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Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Mark II by Bernhard

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11% 76052 Batman Classic TV Series Batcave
7% 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

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Pteranodon Chase 75926
Stygimoloch Breakout 75927
Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928…

overwatch update

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22 Responses

  1. It feels like CHRISTMAS!

  2. How do you subscribe to the Lego calendar?

  3. Qi Fuh Yue says:

    I saw the images of the minecraft sets, they are not brickheadz, they are really buildable figures

  4. The Lego store in Pittsburgh gave away the store set Friday October 26th and the minifigure Saturday and the minifigure says, "2018 The LEGO Store Pittsburgh, PA" on the back of the torso. I was lucky enough to get #2 of 500.

  5. Playmation says:

    soooo when is that a wing coming

  6. Lego Addict says:

    Do you think the diagon ally set with scale well for other the Hogwarts castle. I’m planning on getting it if it could

  7. JeffBuilds says:

    I was there to see it at Blizzcon, and it's amazing!

  8. Hey brickvault or anyone,I know this is a bit of a stupid question but do you guy's know a set wich contains a black neck bracket? I Tried to find one online but i couldn't + im not sure if i can buy one from bricklink + im from Indonesia so im not sure if there even is a bricklink.I think there is but my dad helps me to buy online and hes only comfortable buying from one store called lazada and i couldn't find one there so could you guys help me out? I need a lot of them for my custom.

  9. 0Marty0 says:

    9:00 Mardi Gras LEGO?! TTV intensifies 😀

  10. Thomas Smith says:

    Anyone think that Ghostbusters set on Amazon will be further discounted, or is this the best deal I'll ever get?

  11. This is epic I love Lego I mean I play games and stuff but man you gotta admit Lego is doing amazing p. S which one do you prefer ps4 or Xbox I prefer Xbox I more skilled


    2017: oh, i remember that game…

    2018: what is overwatch
    LEGO in 2018:

  13. FABOSCH BUTZ says:

    The Minecraft big figs look like the antman big fig from the civil war sets they are really big figs no BrickHeadz

  14. Luís Rebelo says:

    Two new stores in the US and I'm still waiting for a LEGO store in Portugal :(((

  15. 역병으사 says:

    The only set that is worth buying is the bastion set (the large one)

  16. Sick Daddy says:

    News-Time dee dee dee dee

  17. 4:25 why is the bastion picture between the gibraltar set pictures?

  18. The LEGO store Grand Opening minifigures have a LEGO logo on the back of the torso

  19. I wonder where the last battle will be.

  20. I’m so excited about the new store in New Orleans (there’s no other LEGO stores in Louisiana

  21. Nirate Goel says:

    Mike, the Uk+Us calendars are rarely the same, most of the gift with purchases you get never show up here.

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