Make Your Character Weird With This Glitch (New) Fortnite Glitches PS4/Xbox one 2018

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In this video I am going to show you a weird glitch that will make your character hands glitched and it’ll look like you are doing yoga in fortnite.

It’s just a visual glitch and it’s can be done on any consoles including PC and mobile.

Instructions :-

Make your inventory full and then just use 4 balloons and then pick up any item and then you’ll be glitched.

I hope you guys will enjoy the video, if you do enjoy smash that like button and subscribe for more fortnite Glitches and…

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23 Responses

  1. Dead Lock says:

    #trollsqaud love your vids you always help me win

  2. OnionKinq says:

    Lol my first time accidently doing a glitch before it was discovered. I did this glitch 20 mins after ballons got release.

  3. Tiger Guy says:

    You can also just use 6 balloons and then when your high in the air and falling down just drop the balloons

  4. Tiger Guy says:

    I did this by my self you cant do it twice in the same game

  5. I did it in a normal mode

  6. Edinbro026 says:

    Make underground glitch

  7. Peniltor says:

    Lol I found the glitch while ingame

  8. He used ditty for the voice at the end lololol

  9. Zahi Hallal says:

    I did this glitch like yesterday before this was uploaded

  10. I meme says:

    Troll squad ❤️❤️❤️
    Back at it again with real Glitches 😉
    That aren’t patched
    I’m subbed with notifications

  11. Mimikyu says:

    All you see is someone jumping at you like a spider monkey with a pump in one hand

  12. IzzybamLOL says:

    I got that glitch and it was funny af

  13. Jay Jay says:

    i found that glitch yesterday

  14. Conno r says:

    That will be 19.99 with tax would you like the hotdog with that purchase

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