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This is big news! NEW shiny sprites found in Pokemon GO for upcoming Kanto shiny event in Pokemon GO? Earth day clean up event and more!
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30 Responses

  1. Alexis says:

    Get all those psyduck, ghastly, magnemite and more.

  2. can i get the link to The privet server??

  3. I want to have this shiny, nice video

  4. If this happens, I think There will be shinies from johto and maybe hoenn too. I can see differences on pokemon from these regions too

  5. EdgaFreak 79 says:

    So for some reason the pokemon cp's in the wild are alot higher then i feel it should be like i am lvl 26 and i found almost 1400 cp rhyhorn
    or the 8oo cp onixes 2 of them am i just crazy or should they be lower cp for level 26.And if the kanto shinys come out that would be awesome i really wan't to get that shiny nidoking!

  6. I immediately noticed exeggutor

  7. I find myself watching your channel and prodigy nation all the time

  8. coolspyzz says:

    I have a curious question though, will April 14th/April 15th Mewtwo Ex raid be the Ex raid we get to see Shiny Mewtwo??

  9. I LOVE SHINY LAPPY. but anyone know if shiny vaporeon is in the game code?

    Let's say HOPEFULLY!!

  10. Lifted State says:

    Sooo much hype and ur probably right but everything looks HD might’ve been a quality of life update but even then Kanto sprite change + Kanto Event = Kanto shiny’s too excited to believe that’s just a coincidence xDDD

  11. i noticed changes in Blastoise, Lapras, Slowpoke, and more… 🙂

  12. 15:56 look how dark meganium is and it’s gen 2

  13. The shinys in the Video Bulbasaur,Ivysaur……..Caterpie, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot wait ! WHAT?

  14. What day is the event and when dose it start

  15. Moltres appearance looks different aswell. Wings were up originally

  16. It will be hard to clean up in north Sweden were i live because here i still a LOT of snow on the ground so it is hiding the trashes😬

  17. I want shiny suicune and ho oh

  18. I thought I was going crazy after 8 bit went away. I was thinking to myself these sprites look different but then thought I had gotten use to 8 bit so of course they'd look different lol

  19. Thanks for the information!

  20. Pro Gamer_21 says:

    The changed the sprites? Ok shiny snorlax confirmed

  21. Kale says:

    If it’s only for Gen 1 I wonder what happens if you try and evolve a shiny Eevee into an Espeon

  22. Maserati777 says:

    They need to make overworld sprites shiny if they are shiny. Literally no point in releasing all shinies if you have to click on each one just to see.

  23. So excited! I found my first shiny outside of a community day yesterday which was an aron!

  24. Zone says:

    Wowww pinn me 🙂 pls

  25. Grand Champ says:

    lolol FINALLY something for rural players. Shiny Ratata LMFAOOOOO

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