Millions are playing it, but is Fortnite addiction really a thing? | 7.30

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Put a parent, a psychologist and a brain expert in the same room and you’ll get three different answers about the latest video game craze.

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21 Responses

  1. Warrior GG says:

    This video is stupid ‼️‼️‼️

  2. This dude a no skin but he says he plays fortnite for as long as he can

  3. @HowlingAva ur just jealous that am better than u nub you little beach I have more subs than u dum as 😉

  4. You can’t just have a desk gaming chair without a desk

  5. Jacob Gibbs says:

    Aye who ever play fornite add me name is jacobiscrazyy23

  6. Dario littt says:

    I like how it shows gameplay of fortnite but he has a Xbox 360 controller in his hand LOGIC?

  7. Fanomg says:

    0:33 its not a hacker your just trash???

  8. Samuel Reyna says:

    I usually play a game,
    Get killed
    Close the game

    And reload it

  9. Jacob Gibbs says:

    Mind of rez is on the news

  10. Sorry why the Hell are they using old fortnite gameplay instead of playing like season 6 gameplay like bruhh

  11. Yahia Awad says:

    These people are so lucky
    They have a garden just for themselves
    I dont blame the kids who have not much else to do or dont like sport.

  12. UNKNOWN says:

    Lol He's not a real gamer, real gamers always play new games Coming out,but now it's just battle Royal games like cod and battlefield, I just be playing fallout 76 beta sometimes I play assassin Creed collection

  13. lol when I said Fortnite my teacher said don’t you dare to swear in my class

  14. Tornado 6 says:

    im sorry but this is the same as any other gaming sensation coming from a kids perspective this game is just a phase as 'the gaming craze' it's just so popular because it doesnt feature much gore e.g. blood. Instead the character falls the ground disintegrating into blue pixels and the graphics is very cartoony thats why the youth of this generation loves this game so much. What im trying to say is that this is a phase as the most popular game its just free and not as gory as call of duty

  15. ItzJustJack says:

    They give their kid

    Gaming chair

    Beats headphones

    It’s just bad parenting.

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