MOST INSANE POKEMON GO LUCK EVER! + Shiny Gengar Day Coming Soon!

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Today was one of my luckiest days of Pokemon Go EVER! I caught one of the rarest shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go and even another bonus shiny! Also we have news of Gengar Day in Pokemon Go! We will finally have a chance to catch shiny Gengar in Pokemon Go! I’m so excited!

Have you caught a shiny witch hat Pikachu in Pokemon Go? Let me know in the comments below!

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23 Responses

  1. Can u give me shiny hat pikachu

  2. Låyan Msp says:

    Oh my god… I just started the game and I got my first pokemon and I’m sitting on my bed and I found this hat pikachu as my second pokemon

  3. I have got 3 shiny pikachu

  4. nukemz says:

    You have such incredible shiny luck!!! I've been at comic con in London this weekend, opened my game when waiting to watch a panel and tapped on a shiny sableye!! I was SO HYPED! Got over 50 unowns too, congrats on your new shinies, fab video <3

  5. Shiny Hunter says:

    Am i the only time zone from 2pm to 5pm ???

  6. I got 2 shiny mercrow and a shiny shelder but evalved it
    My dad got a shiny drifloom
    My brother got a shiny houndour and shiny shelder but evalved it to
    My sister got a 4 shiny medatang

  7. Rainier Sky says:

    I got a shiny pikachu too!

  8. Awesome job on catching shiny poochyena and shiny witch hat pikachu

  9. Noé Roth says:

    You've got only 640 Candy Pikachu, I got 2 150 Candy Pikachu

  10. Cj Washburn says:

    I caught a shiny poochy and it froze and said Pokémon can’t be found I was so tight it was my first one

  11. Shiny poochyena is my dream but i never got it…

  12. Rman Nayr says:


  13. fckyeah sol says:

    I got the shiny pikachu with the hat, i just started playing pokémon go for like 2 weeks now anyways what can a shiny pikachu do?

  14. Tyfoun says:

    i have shiny sableye!

  15. Wow that cleavageeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Bruce 420 says:

    very nice video Ill watch the next one Pokegirl7

  17. Bruce 420 says:

    Poochyena is my first shiny in this particular Pogo Event, same luck for the 2 of us, hope we can get a 2nd

  18. I was shook cuz I got a shiny beldum

  19. Middle East has Internet?
    Shout out to the legendary Donald Trump

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