My 1500th WIN on Fortnite Mobile – High Kill Solo Squad

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49 Responses

  1. Redruby inn says:

    I could drop a high kill game every game if I did not have 200 ping

  2. 1:39 that what if feel like on European servers except it’s the whole game

  3. Cool Swag says:

    He said he didn't need a blue AR but he still got it

  4. U are the best mobile player i ever seen in my life

  5. Silveh says:

    Duckyyy how do u have ur build button invisible when u have combat mode? Pls reply

  6. Brian Silva says:

    Best mobile player I’ve seen

  7. VR7_ Chosen says:

    Good job Ducky with the vid I loved it ? Small youtuber too ?

  8. Only mobile players can like this

  9. all the bannas are noob

  10. Its_RedSky says:


  11. Vine Compet says:

    do you play on oceania?

  12. Can someone help me get 1000 subs I will post more content

  13. Rawezh101 says:

    pls make a viseo of your setting and sensitivity

  14. He got his 1500th while im still searching for my first

  15. Ju1c3 d0gg0 says:

    Ducky if ur seeing this pls make more spectating people videos plz I really love them

  16. Alvin Raids says:

    Hey Ducky, quick question, do you want Nintendo players in fortnite mobile? And how is ur thought about the lag we r having?

  17. hey ducky.can u train me in fortnite mobile or build battle

  18. wait are you still in Obey?

  19. Mozaey says:

    u got a lot of wins man

    small and want to get bigger btw?

  20. Hz_TV 13 says:

    I’am your biggest fan bro keep up the grind???

  21. ST4ND M4KS1 says:

    Ducky you are a good player on mobilne phone

  22. Does anyone know on witch Server he is Playing

  23. Henk Steen says:

    I changed all my settings and come out of salty with 8 kills and got a 14 kill win solo

  24. HFR SiOuL says:

    Hi ducky I love your video and îve got a question what app do you use to put together your gameplay and your handcam ?

  25. Zitch Tomato says:

    Only good players use aim assist

  26. Silver King says:

    Look at all this kids enjoying lag free fortnite. The lag i experience on a daily??. Enough of me, what about you. By the way i have google pixel xl.

  27. Zyntex says:

    how do you set your look stick to build only?

  28. But congrats on the 1500 win!!!!! ???????

  29. Your just going in games with bots that why your getting all of all of these kills

  30. Wow ur pretty good ??? Hope you’ll enjoy you 1500 wins ? I wish I could play with u??
    If ur A fan of Ducky, (USED CODE DUCKY!!!)

  31. AJ Ventura says:

    Ducky the gamer can you add me in fortnite. My classmate is a bot. Lets fight him in my creative server.pls add me.butcho22.

  32. Ducky, you probably won’t see this comment but if you do I would very much appreciate 5 minutes of your time I need help with practice can we please practice together for 5 minutes I play 3 finger mobile claw (technically 2 because 1 finger is being used for only shooting that’s it) anyways I will not waste your time you make me want to play better an what better way than to play the best thanks mate.

  33. Hihijyu says:

    Don’t mean to beg but I am a small mobile YouTuber and would appreciate it if you guys would subscribe.

  34. ShocK says:

    I’m on switch meaning I can get in a lobby with this guy

    Low key scared

  35. Clutch King says:

    How do you get BOTSSS

  36. Clutch King says:

    Can you do more tips and tricks plz ?thank youuuuu?

  37. Dequan Loco says:

    Ducky can you friend me I need serious help with the game plz friend me I’m nikoawsome

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