My 9 Year Old Random Duo Stole My Viewers!? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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34 Responses

  1. little dude saw the play and made it lmao much respect to HD

  2. XD xilos says:

    Can u make a settings video for your controller👌👌

  3. Have you seen plus video? It’s him with a voice changer that sound like you.

  4. The guys was lowkey clout farming but didnt want to make it obvious…. well hes like 10 what would anyone expect though 😂 love ya HD 💙 (code HD)

  5. scouse gin says:

    Good respectful kids. The complete opposite of what I usually get in squad fill.

  6. HD was on his period this morning banning people for everything

  7. Veee Zeee says:

    Is that dj Khalid? ANOTHER ONE

  8. mai says:

    What happened to being on xbox controller

  9. Some 1 Azn says:

    Dude at the end finally got his game chat to work. LMFAO

  10. Creative all versus you 😂

  11. Brown Bread says:

    >hears voice
    >is that actually HD?

    imagine not being to place that voice

  12. Idk if you read this but you should get all the OG gears players and run a creative and just devote a vid too it. Low key I know that’s why you switched back to a controller cause your gonna go pro in the new gears . You might remember me I use to team up with mentz Bigfoot and demo and been playin since gow 1. I think it’s a cool video idea. Pm me if you even want to do it or just use the idea lol enjoy your vids bro 👌🏻

  13. CptSteve_2 says:

    And I got another one

  14. HD if you use face came you gonna be the No.1 streamer believe in this 🕺🏽

  15. SighBunny says:

    Hds laugh is everything 😂

  16. Lashakov says:

    Watched this live lmao

  17. OMG, I could only stand it till halfway through the video before the kid spamming OMG every 5 seconds worked on my nerves…OMG I'm out!

  18. Imagine if he has 1000 viewers he gonna be like Another one another one LOL

  19. Do you like HighDistortion?

    Yes – LIKE

    No – Comment

  20. Kristy Ip says:

    Hearing you laugh at the kids is the funniest thing to me 🤣

  21. Wigo Os says:

    HD: How many viewers you got?
    Kid: aah….44!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  22. RAT Troydon says:

    Oh my god I got another one 😂

  23. jack slayter says:

    1000 followers later, Gets another one: OOoh My GAwww:D AnotHer ONe!

  24. Wavy Chris says:

    Make this blue if you want mechs vaulted

    I’m gifting the season 10 battle pass to my next 10 subs so be quick ‼️‼️

  25. Alan says:

    Imagine asking who is better and jimmy dodges a bullet by ignoring the guy

  26. Is that kid DJ Khaled?

    Another one.

    Another one.

  27. Joe Lehto says:

    What happened to playing on controller??

  28. Eclxpsx says:

    this is qj I know I died quick it was from a brute but I was shaking who wouldn't be I was playing with the best player in the game:code HD

  29. Good shit bro.. my favorite streamer too and I'm 43..

  30. I Remember the season 6 HD

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