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Here are the results of our local Nightmare Cup Tournament

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23 Responses

  1. ?? I enjoyed this tournament so much! Thanks to your expert coaching, my shinys went from being just a pretty pack to badass beauties! Can't wait to see next month's theme! ????

  2. Good job AK. Are you going to be filming at Go Fest?

  3. Thanks for sharing your Tournament experience. atm I have no idea which Pokémon I should add to my team xD xD

  4. BonechipAK says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!! I cant believe how close that was. That's such a bummer dude. We'll get you a gold one of these tournaments!

  5. CallMeJake says:

    Awesome tournament recap Poke! The unexpected teams are the worst lol, but crazy to see an all shiny team do well! Will we be seeing a regionals video out of curiosity?

  6. Thanks to this video i notice the mistakes i did in my nightmare, i needed to trust more my toxicroak, so as changing an attack of my drapion, was my worst cup but i can learn from your video, ty i follow you sincr a year, keep the good work.

  7. JimmaBanks says:

    I always enjoy a Poke AK tournament. Unique team thrown at you. That's when I make the mistakes. I need to practice most scenarios before I'm really comfortable. Can't really plan for that random team.

  8. Great job Scarlet! And you actually tied for 2nd with a few people Poke. Great matches!

  9. PvP Steve says:

    Damn! That all shiny team rocks! And did so well!

  10. JayDevin says:

    I can see why you were inclined to switch, it seems like she anticipated scenarios like that well ahead of time and had the shadow ball ready to go. Very well played!

  11. 2 days no see! how ya doing? ❤❤

  12. See ya next tourney!! Ive got plans for the next nightmare cup! ; p

  13. Did mcbadass have a legacy poli?

  14. Dragos Olaru says:

    Respect for Scarlettwitch82 for the All shiny team

  15. 7288 3266 9622 add me guys / girls

    Need help

  16. Benni says:

    No alolan ratticate? Heard it was pretty good for the nightmare cup

  17. thebumshow says:

    Not bad! We had 18 participants here in Breda and I came 3rd! (tied for 2nd)

  18. Elliegantly says:

    You're welcome for the tournaments?

  19. Won my nightmare cup. Was an awesome competition!

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