MYTH GETS HACKED LIVE ON STREAM! (Fortnite Highlights & Funny Moments 2018)

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Myth gets hacked live on Stream!
Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights & Funny Moments 2018

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I hate the number…

fortnite wiki

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40 Responses

  1. GhostArmy says:

    8 likes for the cat? ^^

  2. This channel noscopes all other clips channels, cuz the edits are really good, and you put the clip from the title literally before the intro.

  3. AncielDrew says:

    1:10 to 1:23 was amazing!
    I almost tryed to do that myself

  4. Petr Chadt says:

    1:42 music name please 🙂

  5. 2:20 prove that myth being straight is in fact a myth

  6. Davy Rocket says:

    Yo what's the intro song

  7. iffat ishaq says:

    I got hacked earlier and I lost 300 vbucks and I only have 500 vbucks left

  8. Omg Someone in the chat said myth was banned XD

  9. Suby Gaming says:

    Song on view of cat
    XXXTENTACION – Hope ( For Parkland Shooting Kids Dead 🙁 )

  10. james itachi says:

    Sorry we didn't get 8 likes man sooo sorry we only got 17 thousand.

  11. FYRONO says:

    Intro's music plz ?

  12. Inky Knight says:

    Um what is the intro song

  13. No Hearts says:

    Epic category PUMP? At 2:59?

  14. LilMoonV1 says:

    Look at his sub count it's 666 ;-;

  15. Zyro Tron says:

    Definately liking this

  16. BSoul says:

    Best fortnite moments video I’ve ever watched it’s more than just stealing clips smashing them together in an editor and calling it a day my sub is your ????

  17. BloodShark says:

    that happened to me to

  18. The dude using the deagle in the clip after lupo was hacking for sure he snapped to the dudes head after he shot

  19. Apex Venom says:

    can i ask what you use to edit?

  20. Master A says:

    I just feel bad that myth got banned

  21. whats tthe intro music

  22. 1 thot, 2 thot, *Marvel Ad*, 3 thot, 4 thot

  23. DeViLso says:

    All of us that play fortnite have “what do you mean” as part of our vocabulary

  24. Freezeanimal says:

    Your editing skills are godly.

  25. CatchThePug says:

    Well, there goed Myth's account?

  26. betterert says:

    i hate that type of music, RnB is ok, but JESUS, all that rap is nowadays is just sex and prostitution! dont like that

  27. Spidzs x says:

    I tried to like this twice

  28. Beast Anime says:

    Martin a hacker no way his flick that fast it locked on so fast

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