*NEW* All Fortnite Dances/Skins Leaked!! Everything new on the map!

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*NEW* All Fortnite Dances/Skins Leaked!! Everything new on the map!




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47 Responses

  1. jim tnt says:

    Oh its all true lol nice one

  2. Peter Hruska says:

    Remember the agario days

  3. The fortnite music makes me feel hopeless, lonely and depressed.

  4. RaYz says:

    Hey Bro, long time no see, i really miss you and keep up with your great and awsome work and i have a question who made your intro and who ever made one could i get his skype or discord because i need an new intro

  5. BK Vids says:

    That old music just gives you a badass feeling and really fit the game. Idk why they changed it to some Minecraft style music. Fortnite is about killing people, idk why they would give it happy music. They should really change it back

  6. Carlos Mata says:

    At 1:29 on the top on the far right it looks like neymar and to the left of him looks like tony kroos (no sure how to spell his last name) and to the left of him it looks like cristiano ronaldo just opinions though

  7. I want the robot dance 2v

  8. Jack Brown says:

    Best and most useful vid ever

  9. xX_KING_Xx says:

    Blockbuster will blow up titled

  10. 500 or 800 im buying pop lock

  11. I love the old Fortnite music?

  12. i’m a huge soccer fan, hopefully not 20 dollar skins lol

  13. When I guess I’m poor again

  14. Shlippy says:

    They brought back the old theme song??

  15. Usmaan Ilyas says:

    Very informative video. Needs more views

  16. vital stun says:

    Heart and like if you miss the old fortnite.

  17. vital stun says:

    I miss the 0ld fortnite song

  18. The best thing in the video is the original fortnite theme song

  19. I love this youtuber they got straight to the point and covered everything quickly, first time watching one of your vids, already love the channel

  20. Can someone please tell me the song in the intro

  21. Why is everything leaked always on mobile

  22. omar altahir says:

    very nice and useful video bro , subscribed!

  23. Wait that’s the old music r they bringing it back or something

  24. DF says:

    how you can see already the emotes in the itemshop?

  25. Sub zero confirmed for fortnite?

  26. 1:31 the one in the bottom left hand corner looks like it could’ve come out of the capsule in dusty divot

  27. FaZeCag3 says:

    Is the blockbuster going to have a skin

  28. Thanks So Much! This Helps Me A Lot To See The New Stuff I Really Want To Know About Huge Fan Of a Your Content!

  29. Those ninja skins look legit!

  30. NotUzi says:

    Can’t wait for the blockbuster skin. It looks great, especially that back-bling.

  31. NotUzi says:

    Thanks for the vid. Very useful. The music brought tears to my eyes.

  32. I sub to you to keep up with the updates and leaks 😀

  33. Ima get the cry emote, hella cute, the pop lock, the wingman, sky stalker, and idk about the omen. I think blockbuster skin looks hella dope to be a free skin. Especially the backbling

  34. I am going get pop lock

  35. One again thanks for keeping us updated im a huge fan of your content

  36. Blockbuster is going to be awesome like if u agree

  37. hi don't press read on

    I told u

    so like Ali a

    half way there


    nearly there ha

    you made it bye

  38. Spailon says:

    Thank you for that.

  39. Sławek says:

    Can we choose t-shirts , i mean nations ?

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