*NEW* ALL LEAKED Fortnite Skins & Emotes..! (Animated Wrap, Make it Rain V2, Starter Pack)

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► *NEW* ALL LEAKED Fortnite Skins & Emotes..! (Animated Wrap, Make it Rain V2, Starter Pack)

All leaked Skin: Kenji, Kuno, Axiom, Laguna, Marino, Psion
All leaked Emotes: Drum Major, Slap Happy, Raining Doubloons, Spring-Loaded
All leaked Wraps: Magma, Clubs Diamonds, Hearts, Pineapple, Spades
All leaked Backblings: Dual Kama, Katana & Kunai, Banana Bag, Crystal Llama, Commission, Omission, Pineapple Strummer
All leaked Pickaxes: Quickstrike, Fresh Cut, Tri-Star, Stumpy, Star Wand,…

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44 Responses

  1. Trimix says:

    I finally got a support a creator code! use code trimix
    If you do so make sure to send me a picture on twitter for a free shoutout! @official_trimix

  2. x_Crazy Kid says:

    First time I’ve seen a real video bc normally all videos like these r fake

  3. Spring loaded = Worm V2?

  4. DD And J says:

    Drum major is the most funny emote ever!

  5. Dees Troy says:

    I’m gonna invite you mom and your dad and

  6. So they replaced money with cents?!

  7. I think you got the first 2 backblings mixed up

  8. Skullz says:

    That take the L remix is amazing..

  9. _ A!mLeSs_ says:

    Lagona,she is sexy xD

  10. xCobra says:

    Which is the cost of the magma camo?

  11. iWolfY YT says:

    Bruh the skin at 1:18 is kakashi from naruto

  12. Nedrilax says:

    Kenji needs healing.

  13. sórek yt says:

    Dhdhbfhdhsifiahrovzgdvddhudgduehdzudgdshsdhsidjisjfhwuirvsczgfffhffghffgjhgffghgcchgxghtufududhdhshdhheohrghwsdfdis gdhejeveduididvsfwvfshfbf wie c +×÷=%/$€£)(__&;:#!*@-'",?.😘😘😙😘😑💝😏💩😘😑😉xhdhhe dbhdvdhr evener fvfdjdnnxyr7347 get to

  14. Tara Msp says:

    I‘m goin to buy that star pickaxe tho

  15. Bet bcc new emote is op spring loaded

  16. Fortnite added white Rock Lee xDD

  17. I'm in band and I want the drum major

  18. How much will magma be 800?

  19. Ace is definitely coming back

  20. Edingamer H says:

    All I have to do is get a win in the getaway to get the gem llama

  21. 666 likes and 6 dislike im gonna like for 667

  22. Cephas Idan says:

    That emote sounds like take the l

  23. Youngretro says:

    Emotes were garbage but the skins were good

  24. Deagon Penna says:

    Drum major and slap happy are literally the shittest emotes no one would buy that unless there colectores or a 9 year old that stole there mums credit card

  25. Mego says:

    Nice Video Bro 👍

  26. Oh yeah yeah says:

    That star wand pickaxe is sooooo good

  27. I just noticed the drum major emote is the Take The L music

  28. Omni Ares says:

    1:27 kuno skin looks fire and the backbling too 🔥 🔥 🔥

  29. Foxyboy 3091 says:


  30. Nightmare133 says:

    No lie the shorts on kenji are so bad…give him the pants the girl has

  31. Laguna looking like a Knock off of my girl, Scarlet Defender

  32. I Think The Raining Doubloons Is For The Jewel LTM

  33. Ruben Magar says:

    Idk if I should buy kenji or kuno?

  34. Mr.DanyJ says:

    Can anyone give me a fortnite account with all season 2 and 1 or only 2 maxxed WITH floss and black knight pls????

  35. Slap Happy = Knee Slapper 2.0

  36. Is raining doubloons longer then the raining emote?

  37. Angel GG says:

    The make it rainV2 i think it could be a present for the ones who got the make it rainV1

  38. Kaise says:

    2:50 this hat is from stw

  39. BadgerBoy YT says:

    Im going to buy that girl with goggles

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