NEW Exotic Hand Cannon "Lumina" How Good Is It? [Destiny 2]

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NEW Exotic Hand Cannon “Lumina” How Good Is It? [Destiny 2]


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49 Responses

  1. Ehroar says:

    So between this exotic and flying out for GC in the morning I was super excited and may of spoke pretty quick; hopefully you can handle it, sorry! With that being said last video for a bit until I get back, but what a way to go on a break. I'm still lost for words on how good this weapon is. Thanks to balla and ember for helping me get this exotic very quickly and make this video! Thanks for watching <3

  2. Mac Daddy says:

    It’s not that good lmao

  3. DIO says:

    activision sits in corner knowing they cant nerf gun

  4. ICB6 says:

    Yooo spike grenade swarm of the raven or wendigo with the buff

  5. Sooo will you be making a Lumina vs all strike bosses video? Just wondering mainly because shooting other guardians gives you the blessing of the sky buff that buffs damage a lot sooooo might be worth testing it out!

  6. Tyson Walker says:

    Has anyone tested the buff with izanagis+catalyst?

    I feel it lacks a little in PvP, if there was a catalyst that granted overshield or just gave you the orb instantly on kill that would be dope.

  7. Gun is beautiful but still meh

  8. t717mck1 says:

    Not how it is it is the Destiny F ing BS to get it – I am tired of the BS quest

  9. This weapon is terrible on console (PvP). Terrible! Nothing but whiffs. So disappointing.

  10. When The enemies see this fireteam in the strike holding lumina
    Awaken pillar men starts playing

  11. Wait so if u have buff , and shoot the Noble round and if it manage to headshot , Will it 2 tap Guardians?

  12. Zantesuken89 says:

    I absolutely love this gun. Reload on pickup? Love it. Almost full heal on ally and a crazy buff for us both? Love it. Triggers benevolent buff? Love it! I can finally go full support lock!

  13. Ehroar this is the 7th time this week you've shown your clickbait

  14. instead of lake of shadows you could just get a 6 stack in menagerie with rose equipped 3 runs and you're done

  15. VeganWiener says:

    Says Thorn is bad in PvE


  16. whocareslol says:

    You think this is OP? ???? Absolute Dog Shit In almost every scenario. Not even close to a top tier weapon. I was absolutely baffled when I started using this gun. No thanks

  17. Mike Ybarra says:

    Thorn is really good in pve and pvp

  18. For the 250 orbs there was an infinite spawn of taken in the EDZ and me and three randoms were cycling supers and we got it done in three minutes

  19. Destiny Fan says:

    how many balls are there on the barrel – 4 or 6 ?

  20. Blessing of the sky and the trench barrel by ikelos shotgun would be overpowered wouldn’t it?

  21. E Gaming says:

    sees title oh I wonder how good it is.

    sees thumbnail oh it must be good

  22. I don't think this gun is good on xbox it has to much kick On pc looks pretty good.

  23. it's not an Must Have

  24. Arnamo says:

    This HC is so damn good, it's not just like "go reload the weapon and it's good" but you have to think about it, when and how to use it! Can't wait what bungie has in the future ^^

  25. David Morris says:

    Its a more useful and sexier malfesance. Thats the only reason I need to ALWAYS have it equiped.

  26. Robert Toman says:

    Hey, what did you say was the best for the 35 encounter grind

  27. Calvin Young says:

    When one of the BEST Destiny 2 players gives a weapon this type praise then people should take notice.

  28. I heard Rose is better when all the perks are unlocked

  29. Mr. Luck says:

    Got enough fucking ads in your video Jesus christ

  30. I was thinking about how much better that final encounter during spire of stars would feel with this over midnight coup.

  31. M says:

    Can someone please tell me the song he uses in most of his vids

  32. BurntBassMan says:

    Now wait for the nerf after everyone start using it ?

  33. Lumina is a complete smelly wet fart to the face warm and wet!!!

  34. In the beginning what milestone was that

  35. JonnyBgamer says:

    dose the buff apply to something like paragrine greaves? i would love to see a titan team pain train. dose something like a tractor cannon buff apply to a void shoulder charge? tractor cannon lumina void paragrine shoulder charge titan pain train. i going to try this. also getting healed after those boss stomps sounds good

  36. Love your reviews and explanation of damage

  37. rudeoff says:

    I would probably use Lumina if I didn’t own a Mountaintop

  38. Why the hell is the quest so difficult and the gun also completely useless to solo players like me

  39. Kajuan Bass says:

    You are doing good keep it up ? ?

  40. This gun is actually garbage

  41. It's literally the polar opposite of thorn in terms of function (thorn poisons opponents and benefits only the user, while lumina heals teammates and benefits others).

  42. XAndroid1 says:

    I wish it could give overshield

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