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Fortnite Battle Royale Chiller Gameplay “Freeze Traps!” New Fortnite Update! New Chiller Freeze Traps Item in Fortnite!
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35 Responses

  1. GhostNinja says:

    New FREEZE TRAP in Fortnite!
    Subscribe & Drop a LIKE If You Enjoyed the Stream! Victory @ 3:42:00

  2. What controller do u have

  3. Para Dox says:

    Bro there probobly gonna wait till Christmas because as you know lots of people get gifts ? on Christmas so it’ll probably come out during Christmas and yah November

  4. Para Dox says:

    That’s the same for me my traps never place down island it drives me crazy

  5. I was just killed by you

  6. XdLight - says:

    Ghost ayden vs.Ghost ninja who will win comment down below

  7. MOODROW 44 says:

    I want a xbox giftcard

  8. Genji Gaming says:


  9. Itachi boi says:

    Type 100 if subbed and I’ll sub back XD

  10. I saw a leaked skin in the back round

  11. New skins in the back round crow skin they might come out

  12. GetFinessed says:

    What happened to the video? Why you delete?

  13. Leo Hanson says:

    Like me❤️ and I'll give away 5000 v bucks!

  14. Jesse Gates says:


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