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NEW Getaway Challenges are coming in Fortnite Season 8 with Free Rewards and free items FREE PICKAXE, CONTRAIL, WALLPAPERS and more can be unlocked by completing these challenges:

Complete the Getaway Challenges
Win Matches of the getaway – 3 separate jewels.
Use a Grappler in different matches of the Getaway
Deal damage to jewel carrying opponents
Pick up a jewel in different matches of the getaway


Track: Kozah – Heavens [NCS Release]
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27 Responses

  1. gattu says:

    are you excited for the Getaway Ltm coming back?

  2. Do you get the wild card skin if you complete all the challenges?

  3. Idk why I counted but. Go ahead=37 times

  4. U can do getaway in disco domination!

  5. Flick says:

    Played more than 5 games and didn’t even win a single one. It’s really frustrating

  6. IHxteMysxlf says:

    Da only way I got a win from the getaway was bcuz me and my teammate were da only 2 people left it didn’t rlly count as a win but I still got da green jewel

  7. Mr Hood says:

    I got the contrail when it first came out but I had just started then and didn't know what challenges were

  8. Mr Hood says:

    Can you help me win the getaway

  9. ICartof 2 says:

    I did the deal damage thing when i just gave a headshot on a default with a jewel

  10. also guys do not quit the game it also count if you die spectate you get a win count on your challenges . i got 3 wins by killing my self early .

  11. after 3 wins i got the harvest tool

  12. Legend _ says:

    I’ve played it before

  13. Blane D says:

    Omg, I can't find a grappler anywhere

  14. you should do a video showing your settings

  15. cubmatt :D says:

    I was there the first time

  16. AK Magic says:

    honestly don't know how to put the jewel inside the van

  17. Devour says:

    It would have been sick if the diamond backbling was blue

  18. "Just go into a match. Everyone will leave there will be no one but you. Youll have all the gems"

    Just WTF that doesn't happen. Your so dumb.

  19. Tony Tone says:

    You Did not help at all

  20. Nednal says:

    Why is gattu so ugly

  21. Sarah says:

    Except my invite

  22. TheGalaxyOne says:

    So do you need the skin?

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