*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 7 SNOW MAP *LEAKED* (Snow Storm Event Update)

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Fortnite just got a NEW update and people LEAKED the upcoming Snow Map from Season 7 (map covered in snow) and also got some pictures of the progress of the new snow storm event!

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20 Responses

  1. Okay buddy first the ice berg is going to hit flush and destroy it then there will only be a little bit of the map with snow on it

  2. Bytah says:

    My guess:
    Season 4: moisty mires
    Season 5: Paradise palms
    Season 6: Paradise palms
    Season 7: Shivery Strorms/Snowy Shacks/
    I know for sure it will be and s because it was
    M-n-o-P-q-r-S two letters…

  3. Attention to detail my ass there’s no snow on the trees and the snow is a texture mod

  4. Nepushi says:

    This guy is view botting. 8k views, but 200 likes, and 100 comments? Really suspicious there pal.

  5. Where is the snow on the trees?

  6. Ade Keri says:

    They can make film with seasons 🙂 7 season of film snow storm , season 5 paradaise time ^-^ something like this ??

  7. Flipp 200 says:

    I cant stan your voice (not tring to by rude)

  8. Jason Jones says:

    Absolutely no social life

  9. Kys ツ says:

    Not the whole map

    Remember season 5 leaks were the whole map was just a big desert place?

    They added just 1 desert place not the whole map

    Maybe it will be icy i -something it should start with (i and i to the second word) like other places, example:(p)leasant (p)ark

    (P)aradise (p)alms

  10. SemelQ says:

    This could be photoshopped. Because why there are only pictures and not any videos and someone could easily do this

  11. Oh yeah Yeah says:

    Wow I just got a snow storm warning while watching this video I’m in Albany if you don’t believe I got a snow storm warning it’s tomorrow

  12. Nickmjs says:

    Idk why I am deciding to comment this but I just wanna say I have watched you from your minecraft times to your .io times to now and I feel like you deserve so much more attention, anyways see ya

  13. Slushy Games says:

    tbh its probrably going to happen but it might not be 100% accurate'

  14. Spider 231 says:

    Еее веднъж да не кликбейтнеш ?

  15. Just do the glitch that sends you to spawn island in playground, and then go to replay to see the cloud better

  16. Twopixel says:

    I just resubbed today from 4 years ago and have been so mad at my self for unsubbing

  17. Sara Vera says:

    He said he was recording on the 26th it’s only the 25th

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