New Fortnite The Baller Glitch! (Season 8)

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Use Code : SANAD

Founder : G040405

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30 Responses

  1. I died I went so high XD

  2. What’s the music name?

  3. Dan K. Meme says:

    I can't always get it to work

  4. Colin Joseht says:

    I watched you vids before black ops

  5. ASAP Rocket says:

    Did you actually grind for that style for the hybrid

  6. Casey Barber says:

    Dude stop copying Jugger

  7. le canko fan says:

    I think thats Not a glitch

  8. Mrlolimi 06 says:

    Can you try to make a map with all guns like in your how to cheat in playground but Ypu can change the starting shield To 10 000 can you dp that

  9. Bro mark my words you will be popular soon. You might collab with orange and trollninja and your channel will grow like the universe(just a suggestion). Remember us when you grow

  10. ESTalger says:

    nice u copy orange guy orange guy made 15 hours ur 16 hours

  11. matt go says:

    Change your intro its so bad

  12. Rizje says:

    Sanad I would really appreciate it if u could make a video on my main island Glitch it is probably the easiest way yet

  13. mNm 1313 says:

    Why goes orange guy keep copying your videos and he makes more vids and likes. You should be getting all the credit. Ask orange guy to shout you out each time he uses a glitch from ur YouTube then you’ll get more subscribers

  14. You copied from oophilly

  15. You literally copied off of someone and used the same song as them

  16. Rizje says:

    Love u no homo I just got home and ready to watch two of ur vids now that’s awesome

  17. Please please feature me u use your code and I love your videos 😍

  18. KORBEN says:

    i kill you in my game solo duo i use your code ok bro

  19. SAUCY SHAD0W says:

    Can u please do a teir/xp glitch thanks

  20. How do you find these glitches so fast

  21. Magma says:

    How Did You Make A Main Island World?

  22. KRISP says:

    There is a glitch where you can kill people through a not fully built pyramid, break it a little bit and make sure the enemy is visible through it, now just aim a little bit left of their head and shoot

  23. Wow! What a cool glitch! Thanks for the glitch I'll be sure to try it out before it gets patched!!

  24. Glitch by sanad,jugger,
    Orangeguy and trollninja are brothers

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