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28 Responses

  1. Zijn er ook gratis skins op pc?

  2. Ammi Noob1 says:

    you soo good in fortnite

  3. Thaz Arrows says:

    lets go for 19kills? 9+9 is 18 whoops. (10:35)

  4. Bradley PMY says:

    Hey menace i love your vids can i play one friday with you

  5. Super125691 says:

    when he says :i like the bolt action more , but he takes the semi

  6. Well for me, a guy who plays this often and didn't buy the battle pass this a blessing from heaven

  7. Dennis can you show once You’re wins (solo, duo, squad)

  8. Altijd Ferry says:

    Dennis can you plz make some more need for speed payback videos?

  9. Black Burn says:

    If you would make merch of some kind (my suggestion: clapping meme merch) I'd buy it

  10. Supreme 1021 says:

    Why the fk would you choose a golden semi above a purple bolt

  11. You have enything what an YouTuber need! You'r perfect?

  12. SRB says:

    Cool vid! But i want subnautica??

  13. Niek Timmer says:

    How can you tweet epic games?

  14. Home Malone says:

    I still like your T-shirt

  15. Menace in Subnautica you can make salt into water

  16. WJ Kleine says:

    Hoe krijg je die items dan?

  17. Rein says:

    What's your sensitivity ??

  18. Nino says:

    I really like that axe Dennis!

  19. Nino says:

    Vroeger was ik skeer maar de tafels zijn gedraaid boi.

  20. WarKingJ_ says:

    Menace plz take the sniper rifle bolt next time more skill

  21. Winti SPRTA says:

    didn't you say you would stop clapping? hmmm

  22. N_Gaming _NL says:

    When are you going to upload vr games???

  23. stunt gang says:

    Why are you english now

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