NEW GAMEPLAY! I Don’t Think Pokemon GO Park Is Worth It…

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Nintendo Direct 11.1.18
Pokemon GO Park is a known feature for the new Pokemon Game and we have some new gameplay for it! Looking at the amount of work for the amount of Pokemon Candy you get, I don’t think its worth it…

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32 Responses

  1. Velisify looks like the kid who eats his boogers on the playground to this day even his mannerisms remind me of the type

  2. Czar Zuñiga says:

    My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard damn right, is better than yours

  3. The Pokéball Plus will be nice. In a new japanese Trailer they said that your Pokémon that you put into the ball will automatically spin Pokéstops for you and pick up random items for Go.

  4. I wonder if u can get shiny meltan in Pokemon go

  5. Did the thumbnail change?

  6. pops91 says:

    Again the more I look at this game the more I don't want to buy it, it just seems meh

  7. What do you think the species specific candy is for?

  8. Erebus says:

    next video “You Can Trade for Alolan Form in Game” check the recent Japanese trailer uploaded 12 hours ago if u don’t believe me

  9. I'm thinking it might be more or less difficult depending on the Pokemon. The rarer the Pokemon, perhaps the more aggressive the Ground-type Pokemon will be, especially with Mythical Pokemon. In addition, the reward is probably dependent on the player's performance, and Treehouse Live folks aren't exactly known for their gaming skills. xD

  10. Dom EXE says:

    And they said Let’s Go was easy.

  11. Pikachu-kun says:

    This is going to be annoying.

  12. dani oz says:

    If nothing else, it looks really fun

  13. Hmm itll be worth a try i suppose but 25 pokemon! For one candy my goodness doesnt sound worth it,
    Kinda reminds me of super training it was a cool feauture i used itfor ev training but it was kinda time consuming and hurt your wrist while doing it.

    Id use it just for fun like try and best the best score. I used to do that on supertraing, i kinda maxed it out was getting 12 evs in 2 mins but you did have to put a lot ofeffort into it lol

    Yh does seem like catching them and sending to prof. Oak is the better option for the candies it just looks like fun thing.
    Idk if its worth it since they come from go. Id try but dont know if id use it, probably judt for fun.

    It is pretty hallarious verlis being,,err kind hyped with the minions running around lol

    Pretty mad they want 400 candies to get meltitan (they shoukda named it thst)

    Pretty cool facecam too lol :3 i think today felt pretty hyped more then ever about the game, it put me in a strangely good mood lol . Cant wait to play it.

    I feel seeing the game just beautiful i could definitely feel the gen 1 vibes from the footage, but with the graphics were cool and 3d aethetic nostagia vibes :3

  14. GTPRO SPECTR says:

    1 smart candy. Hmmm what does the smart candy do? Improve ivs. If so, this will be a great feature. I’ve got well over 25 voltorbs in the app ready for a quick time in this game mode.

  15. I've a small suspicion some pokemon evolutions may be related to this though. Specifically Meltan, since you need to gather a lot of them at a spot…

  16. I sleep… gen 8!…i wake!

  17. Cole Baxter says:

    I personally am just going to do the play yard for fun, who cares about the rewards. The go park is for transferring anyway

  18. Cole Baxter says:

    I'm dying to see someone do this with Mewtwo lol

  19. Hey Verlis, in the Japanese trailer where she's rounding up the Pikachu at the end it says that the reward is just 1 Smart Candy, so as you stated in the video, the score and time doesn't seem to mean much since both times the reward was just a single smart candy which makes it seem like the Go Park is not gonna be very much worth it like you're speculating here.

  20. I'm keen to try it out with kangaskan

  21. Lord Shonji says:

    Reminds me of Pikmin AI

  22. Dont forget that meltan is a very small (slow) mythical pokemon…. I imagine having a pokemon with longer legs isnt going to be quite so difficult

  23. I'm worried about whether or not Meltan is going to be easy to catch in Pokemon Go. We need 400 Meltan candies in order to have one evolve, just like Swablu and Magikarp, so I hope that they have it a little easier to catch.

  24. It is worth it, there's no such thing as a bad feature in a pokemon game.

  25. Vgc is for pussies. Smogon GANG

  26. necrofrigian says:

    Versilify Are you from whoville ?

  27. They took out my eggs, might as well do this instead.

  28. Kat isakat says:

    Maybe you get the same amount of candy as seconds left so you would get 15 candy for 15 seconds left

  29. Kaocito1 says:

    I was gonna get a switch to play pokemon but every announcement is making me want to skip this one and just play pokemon fan games until the 2019 game comes along.

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