NEW! Leaked Fortnite EMOTES & SKINS Showcase..!! (ZOMBIE Tfue)

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Fornite Battle royale All NEW Leaked Dance emotes and Skins in game showcase.. This include Brainiac AKA Zombie Tfue, A New starter pack skin Called Summit Striker, Day of the Dead Skins Rosa and Dante, Frostbite, Patch Patroller and the Newly released skin that can be found in the Item shop. And the Following NEW emotes coming soon to the item shop….Treat Yourself, Howl AKA Wolf Skin Howl, Busy AKA Texting Emote, Criss Cross, Tai Chi, and Jugglin a Circus Emote Perfect for the Halloween…

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28 Responses

  1. SinX6 says:

    Anyone Else copping Zombie Tfue?!?

  2. SwedlePOP says:

    Who else just buys the emotes for the music and not the actual emote

  3. Kevin Rincon says:

    I want a day of the dead skin so bad and I only have 1100 vbucks :c

  4. CMMark says:

    1:03 Ching chong hing hong ding dong

  5. Mavrixx says:

    Which should I buy, busy or Criss cross?

  6. Ozura Gaming says:

    Bro wheres the rosa and the dante skins

  7. unknown fox says:

    Criss cross is myths dance

  8. Tai chi is good its better than criss cross

  9. Tfue says:

    I’m not a zombie gam

  10. X Man 13 says:

    Water, earth fire air

  11. Ohhhhhh fire I think I’m copping Rosa

  12. GALYXZ says:

    México ??????????

  13. CosmicBeeen says:

    Cross cross is myths emote

  14. Dopie Dope says:

    Im copping summit striker

  15. Team Alpha says:

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Approves 🙂

  16. Sephicsys says:

    Criss cross is myths dance

  17. eh canadian says:

    5:27 who else is getting her?

  18. xdgamer says:

    How do he have it and do that?

  19. Hempuzi says:

    Fortnite watching this video

  20. ZayBrazyy says:

    that criss cross is Myths dance

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