NEW LEGO Overwatch Crossover In Game Event

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35 Responses

  1. Minecraft and Overwatch is the spark that will start the fire that will burn Fortnite

  2. The Channel says:

    He is in LEGO Now
    He is in LEGO Now

  3. Are you gonna play the fortnite x batman crossover that is coming in a few days

  4. Personally, Soldier 76 main, but I need that Bastion skin

  5. ReggieReuven says:

    i don’t usually play shooter games, but i might pick this game up just because of this

  6. Team fortress 2 is better

  7. Brick Fort says:

    Fortnite ain’t dead it’s still in the top 10 most popular games

  8. Rhaea Soul says:

    I kinda want a large bastion v2 set in those colors now. The super robot feel just speaks to me.

  9. Can you do a five nights at freddy’s and Ben 10 cmf

  10. I wanted to say I few new things I play this game I have the skin and it has custom sounds as well

  11. Im gonna Play to get that skin😁😁😁

  12. Wave9Nut says:

    Oh no you are one of the ones quit because of the B.R.U.T.E.? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

  13. Overwatch is not hard fo play and it is sooo fun i cannot recommend it enough

  14. Why is Bastion colored Blue, yellow, and red?

  15. Liaman says:

    Don't worry the game is actually pretty simple

  16. Overwatch got me back into LEGO. Now LEGO has gotten me back into overwatch.

  17. Sonic Guyver says:

    Fortnite is literally for toddlers.

  18. Finally you’re done with Fortnite

  19. Minecraft is the OG "Fortnite"

  20. I Am Groot says:

    Overwatch is quite easy but really fun

  21. honestly, i cant see minifig skins due to how off they would be to the original model.

  22. It made me play the game😅😅😅

  23. wcpc 12 says:

    It’s not complicated at all, it’s my favorite multiplayer game of all time

  24. This news doesn't interest me since I don't play Overwatch. But I'm sure fans of the game are excited.

  25. Wil Bourke says:

    I main Tracer.

    Cheers love, the cavalry’s here!

  26. Made4You Lol says:

    It would be awesome to see you play

  27. Isaac R says:

    r6 siege is the next best game

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