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New moves have been introduced to quite a few new Pokemon, including Snorlax with Outrage and Raikou with Shadow ball to name a few.
◾Looks like dragon Pokemon just got just in check
◾Soloing T4 raid not possible anymore

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35 Responses

  1. Amil5353 says:

    Sooo they are going to add more Charge moves to Pokémon, and not give us a more effective way of getting Charge TMs…

  2. I just got my shiny altaria whit 1500 CP and second move

  3. Can i battle you? Need your friend code

  4. MoLiEG89 says:

    My 78 IV Ho-Oh got Hidden Power Fire after the change… God has entered the game now!

  5. Good thing I kept forgetting to evolve my second murkrow because I did so today after looking at the info and got sky attack!! Already tested it with peck that I had so no tm usage and it worked wonders!

  6. Tim Keffer says:

    When can you TM these moves?

  7. Kinda pissed about the raids being made harder especially because they said "A previous change to the supper effective damage multiplier has allowed single trainers to win certain raid battles alone, even though this was not the original intent. The change will increace health for featured Pokémon in Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5 raid battles." So the intent was very clearly to get rid of soloing raids. This is why you get so much hate Ninantic

  8. Dragon Pokémon are my favorite ?❤️

  9. Counter also provides coverage from ice type for Donphan

  10. It'd be sweet if Niantic had a server set up for live battles. Just hop in and battle people from anywhere..
    No more sending invites to foreign friends and waiting forever or lining up times with local players.

  11. Ampharos should've got Wild Charge

  12. I hope for slaking fast move

  13. 7624 7700 0908

    Matt from Knoxville TN
    Level 40
    Would enjoy doing some pvp with you good sir!

  14. Enter Name says:

    i NEVER get charge TMs
    i dont get it

  15. Hey nice you named your Yanmega after Meganeura from teh carbon Period! I did it as well 🙂

  16. Rip for dragon types lol

  17. mestirio one says:

    Personally got myself meteor mash clefable and out rage snorlax

  18. InDominus says:

    Well good thing my town got to do 3 Palkia before the update, as we don't have the player count. 4 players, only 2 of which have OPTIMAL Palkia counters. There goes their rural raid pass money.

  19. How can I add you to my friends list pokeAK? Can’t wait to battle

  20. Ravyn Liam says:

    Oof. This is a huge anti Dragon campaign. Looking forward to some more in-depth info.

  21. Larry D says:

    Only problem for me is I can't seem to get Sinnoh stones any more. After evolving the few meta relevant ones I only get Stardust and the occasional rare candy from PVP. Research is a wash too. They need to make it way easier to get Sinnoh stones since so many evolutions rely on them.

  22. Jrenz stuv says:

    Are those will going to become legacy?

  23. The Cactis says:

    OUTRAGEous. I see what you did there.

  24. Chris Avila says:

    Pvp is still fucking trash add the other 3 stats already

  25. Niantic is always fucking up shit… they think that because they got certain numbers going for them, theres a comunity in every place in the world… i live in puerto rico and literally no one plays here, i have to rely on solo raids because whoever plays dont really want to raid nothing other than t5, and thats if they are not tired of the current boss…

  26. What are the new legacy moves?

  27. Nati25 says:

    I've added Bite to my Drapion. Just wish I had Stardust for extra charge moves. I have 11 Charge TMs ready to use. ?

  28. All of these moves are moves that they get in the normal games

  29. I just maxed out and purchased the second charge move on my Azumaril yesterday afternoon… FML

    Happy for the changes, but a lot of my pvp pokemon are seemingly crap now. /:

  30. great so screwing solo players more game is really fun for solos. They keep doing bs like this solos will just give up

  31. DjAlonDevil says:

    Got flying hidden power on Ho-Oh ?

  32. MrCANER06 says:

    1735 8472 2710. I´m from Germany and need continuously some 7km eggs from other countries. Add me 🙂

  33. I guess its better than a cp rework rockslide charges faster than dynamic punch on machamp fyi

  34. What I like:
    More two/three bar moves to go around
    Donphan can now have dual ground moveset /w stab
    Sky Attack for Honchcrow for a strong flying type attacker
    Kabutops can now have dual water moverset w/ stab

    What I'm a bit disapointed with:
    Ho-Oh with Hidden Power. Makes sense for PVP to make it unpredictable, Ho-Oh is so iconic I would love to have atleast one dual moveset of flying or fire.
    Making Raids harder – it was so nice to be able to raid with few people in the freezing cold, not having to wait for people to gather.

    Would've loved:
    Aerodactyl rock fast move instead of charge for dual STAB
    Ho-Oh fire of flying fast move
    Suicune water fast move
    Palkia fast water move
    Porygon Z – thunderbolt, flamethrower and Ice Beam like Mewtwo
    A buff to Earthquake, as it holds ground back.

    Overall the changes seems fine.

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