*NEW* Music Block DEFAULT DANCE Tunnel | Fortnite: Creative

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CCruzFight demonstrates using tunnels to create a full beat with the help of music blocks in Fortnite: Creative!
What do you think? Should we make a song using this technique?? Comment below!

* * UPDATE FEB 01, 2019: * *
You guys want a tutorial…? WELL THEN YOU GET ONE!
Tutorial COMING SOON! Thanks so much for watching everyone.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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33 Responses

  1. THE CONNECT says:

    You asked for it! I’m making a TUTORIAL for the Default Dance!! Like this comment if you wanna watch it. It will be posted on Feb 5!
    Thanks for all your support <3 Make sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

  2. OEM Viibez says:

    Amazing, please do tutorial, show what letters are on the blocks

  3. It's so close. The second part of where the hands go up and down. Right before that starts it needs like 1 note block to be perfect
    It messes with me so much.

  4. John Wick: Welp, time to kill ourselves, what do you say boys?
    99 Tryhards: YeS sIr

  5. Squish Bish says:

    Hi I am a small YouTubed in my other channel. Could you add my epic and help me with awesome vids?

  6. Darren Smith says:

    Where did u get the tunnel

  7. Cladila-Chan says:

    I Need the tutorial :"^[ or can u say the block notes?

  8. Can we get a tutorial
    Like if you agree

  9. Rambo says:

    pls do never gonna give you up

  10. Original G says:

    Put up a tutorial please

  11. MR.Z says:

    Can u show how to make

  12. How do you find the blocks?!

  13. Spook says:

    Hello connect, can i use your video? I'll give you credit, i'll wait for your answer!

  14. Nash says:

    What’s the code?

  15. Origin W says:

    Does people not know the melody and the beat!???!?!?!?It doesn't rly sound like it…

    Great effort tho 😉

  16. PCSS Goulart says:

    this is amazing! Can you make a tutorial? plss

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