New smartphone game Pokemon Go hugely popular

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Video game critic Matt Peckham on latest version of the popular Japanese franchise, which has claimed top spot in the Apple iTunes store in less than a week

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24 Responses

  1. Gary M says:

    from what i am getting from this it's a good opportunity for exercise….

    i grew up before video games. i made my oen fun

    don't reply, i don't read them.

  2. bcherbs says:

    This guy's a poke-nut!!

  3. Hamza Aziz says:

    I can't wait till it comes out in Canada

  4. Hi, I tried the Pokémon and I'm so excited that I peed in my panties. Actually, they're my sisters panties

  5. TechNina says:

    RIP Digimon fans
    Pokemon <3

  6. ingress has been out over a year now…. why is this such big news??

  7. Augmented reality ? It is a disconnect from reality. Aren't there enough thumb twiddlers roaming around as it is.

  8. Fail Kingdom says:

    I was bored and then TRIGGERED by this video and went to go play Pokemon go.

  9. Bary Ft. says:

    I want an episode where you catch pedophiles using this app.

  10. Kirtlander60 says:

    Way to get the most dry fart speaker to talk about this game..

  11. If you are worried about your kid wandering streets, your kid shouldn't have a smartphone. I'm seeing 10 year olds with brand new iphones bigger than their head playing this game.

  12. That's true, even I started recording videos about it 😀

  13. Martin Skoda says:


  14. Red'sDomain says:

    "out of your parents basement" – TRIGGERED

  15. Does CBC employ anyone under 35? All of these segments feel like they're written by and for old people. Especially that "parents basement" comment :/

  16. the bad part about the game is that it has a tendency to freeze here and there. at least it does to me and a few other people who I know who play it

  17. "out of your parents basement" ya I'm sure this guy will be well received by gamers,

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