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Fortnite Battle Royale A New Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle has been Leaked and it will include an EXCLUSIVE Skin a Recolored (Reskin) of the Vertex bundle! The only way to unlock this New skin bundle it to purple this Purple Xbox one S console.

USE CREATOR CODE SINX6 In the Item shop ;D

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50 Responses

  1. SinX6 says:

    Honestly I think this Reskin vertex looks better than the other xbox exclusive skin Eon!
    What you guys think?

  2. Why you gotta buy a whole fucking console just look at the ps4 players

  3. noelbello05 says:

    Epic: "Just hue shift a preexisting skin and make it $300. That's fair right?"

  4. Tonic Laxy says:

    Do Xbox one s owners get it as well cause I don’t want to buy another Xbox

  5. JDOGG BEAST says:

    Release date? Anyone know

  6. Typical Guma says:

    hey sinx6, may i ask, do u have some sort of console? such as an xbox one s?

  7. Come on, on ps4 we have bad skins… The xbox exclusives are really good although they have to pay $300.If I think a little bit, Epic Games is too money hungry they don't even make a middle east server so that won't be anymore arabs on europe at 7pm cuz I'm lagging (I am not racist, sorry if it sound like that)

  8. Where is the free Nintendo eshop skin at? (not the one you had to buy for $300)

  9. EON Players: am I a joke to you

  10. Blue_Death says:

    The v bucks is 2.000

  11. should have been a twitch prime

  12. SeN Furi says:

    Legit EPIC GAMES. Ps4 players legit only have to have Playstation plus to get skins. Bit is xbox players don't have to have gold to get skins. We have to buy another God damn xbox. I'm disappointed ?

  13. Merchaant says:

    Pretty sure this is fake

  14. notag op says:

    Why cant we just get it? For free?!

  15. Max 04 says:

    Song of the outro?

  16. GSL says:

    Do people who already have an Xbox One S getting it or no?

  17. Knightx 420 says:

    its purple fucking purple

  18. Orange Fox says:


  19. I have a Xbox one s I don’t think I will have it

  20. The Tire says:

    As a playstation user, i'm glad xbox is getting more attention

  21. Holy shit that looks cool my favorite color is purple

  22. Thought this was for GameCube

  23. CupOfMilk says:

    I have an xbox one s tho

  24. Will the other bundle still be available?

  25. Ninja says:

    Omg, i want to buy an Xbox one s to my birthday

  26. It looks really trash

  27. Hey Sinx6 what do you do if you already have an xbox one s and eon?

  28. Wxvyy says:

    I have a xbox one s already 🙁

  29. Please say you don’t have to buy an Xbox with it….

  30. RED EYE says:

    Now i got to tell my friend about this

  31. Will you need a new xbox?

  32. I have a Xbox one s already

  33. War Bunny 8 says:

    Im so glad i got the xbox one s now LOL

  34. Honestly I still like eon better, but then again I'm a fan of green. This bundle is nice too though!

  35. Meanwhile PlayStation gets free skins and we need to buy a whole new console

  36. RedPaulster says:

    No Xbox one X skin 🙁

  37. Gamer Lifez says:

    I love the Vertex it my fav skin but come on epic why! I just want one free skin for Xbox!

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