Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW Greasy Grove & Moisty Palms map change!

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My first reaction to Fortnite Greasy Grove (Taco Time) and Moisty Palms (Prop Hunt) rift zones in Fortnite!

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34 Responses

  1. Nick Eh 30 says:

    Hey Eh Team, I'll be streaming the Fortnite Solo Cash Cup tonight at 7pm EST on my Twitch channel. It's competitive/scrim-like, so I think you guys will like it.
    Also, tomorrow, there's a Friday Fortnite style of tournament (Thursday at 4pm EST); that'll also be streamed on my Twitch channel. As always, if there's any good moments, you guys will see it in these types of YouTube videos a few days later. Working hard to keep you guys all happy. Thanks for the support! #EhTeam
    🎮 TWITCH ➔

  2. Maher_Syria5 says:

    Wow I’m a garbage try to be a garbage 😂😂😂😂

  3. Nice I love your streams Nike I look up to you so keep doing what your doing

  4. All those people crying in the comments🤔 just give twitch a try its not that bad at all. If you are a real supporter the platform doesnt matter.
    This stream was amazing fun in the morning and competetive in the night love it.

  5. “YouTube is the best platform for streaming “

    Twitch: here’s money

    Nick: Ight imma head out

  6. Bulau K says:

    Sancho's laugh at 2:02 is contagious

  7. Mind Player says:

    Pls livestream on both of them not Twitch only

  8. Brian Dakoli says:

    Im waiting for nick to say "twitch is the best streaming platform"

  9. River Olme says:

    XDDDDDDDD the call out at 5:10 omg im dying tears running down lmao

  10. Sanchezx22 says:

    I unsub from nic why is this popping up on my YouTube still. Also i remember eh saying he didn't like the camera angle on the key board.??

  11. A.lovrec says:

    Nick Eh 30 uploads video of Nick Eh 30 reacts 😀

  12. We will always be here for you Nick, on Youtube

  13. Thomas Dunn says:

    I refuse to move over to twitch. Sorry nick

  14. Mr Dr D34TH says:

    Let's gooooo Nick! 😊
    You are an amazing Person and i love your positive Vibes and you are an Insane Gamer! 💪🏻🗣
    Keep it up the good Work and much love from Germany ✌🏻
    You are EHMAZING Dude 💜🤙🏻

  15. VILE FR3NZY says:

    He moved to twitch cause ninja left, now ninja won't have to feel bad when Nick eh 30 is taking all his views

  16. FixOPTO says:

    Come back to YouTube but I guess the money is more important

  17. Liam - says:

    Traitorrrrrrrrr stay on twitch

  18. Edward M says:

    I now don’t watch nick live

  19. Twitchy Han says:

    Nick do you warn more money on twitch or YouTube?

  20. Muzzi Memon says:

    You looking sad in twitch. Please come back in YouTube

  21. Talha R says:

    You just made my Morning!

  22. ADMION says:

    Thought Nick was live for a second

  23. I love the way nick said “do u think I need you “😂😂😂😂 my guy 🖤🖤🖤

  24. Wwe Wwf says:

    I thought you are coming back but not I am sad

  25. King Hazard says:

    Anyone down to grind fortnite I’m a decent controller player looking to improve lmk?

  26. 5:12 that weird callout made my day;)

  27. I wish he still streamed on the platform that made his name for him. "Too bad money rules everything around 'him'". I for one will not be watching any longer. Twitch counts against my data on T-Mobile, YouTube does not. I thought Nick was a genuinely good guy but it turns out he's greedy just like the most of us.

  28. Is it just me or does nick have baby hands

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