Nightfall Week 3: Exodus Crash – All Challenges, Tips & Tricks [Destiny 2]

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Shoot all the anomalies! Each extends the clock by 30 seconds. They look very similar to the datalattice scattered around the planet.
At the very start, have one person be responsible for finding all the anomalies, while the other two push forward and collect the Arc Pulses. “Anomaly Detected” will flash on the left side if you are within roughly 10 seconds of sprinting to a anomaly. The anomalies are in fixed locations, and frequently hidden in locations you would never actually look…

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3 Responses

  1. crayz1978 says:

    Dude you need to sort the audio out, the music was going over your voice and was hard to listen to

  2. Mason says:

    Have to try shooting him off the wall. Already done the Nightfall on my Hunter! Just got to do it on the titan.
    Also made the mistake of not knowing to shoot the anomalies on the first run! Wish they would just tell you what is needed for more time.

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