Ninja Unlocks the *NEW* STAGE 5 "GHOST PIRATE" BLACKHEART SKIN in Fortnite

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Ninja Unlocks the *NEW* STAGE 5 “GHOST PIRATE” BLACKHEART SKIN in Fortnite

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23 Responses

  1. SteeezYT says:

    5k more xp to get that stage

  2. Akin Gamer says:

    Is the free air pods true it looks to good to be true

  3. Who else payed the 12 dollars besides me

  4. I haven’t gotten my air pods yet lol

  5. I’m sad Rn cause it says that 11 dollars for shipping ?????

  6. King Klass says:

    DatDane got it when Fortnite 8 just came out

  7. T H Kids says:

    Is anyone els wondering what the hell his intro is?

  8. Ninja is the worst try hard ever

  9. Luca Harvey says:

    I am nasty on cotrler

  10. Luca Harvey says:

    I am nasty on cotrler

  11. Gavinwhited says:

    Go like my video and subscribe. ?

  12. He spend way to much time on fortnite

  13. FaZe Wesly says:

    Fake because the box and that are only compatible with apple

  14. Lol those "AirPods" fake

  15. What is the music at the beginning

  16. That choral menu Music is gonna retire the OG Remix for me

  17. dickbutt b says:

    Only people with Gold BlackHeart can reply to this. And yes I didn’t say like cause I’m not a sad fucking virgin.

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