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26 Responses

  1. madskill 1 says:

    You swapped purple shotty for green shotty

  2. AeoArtss says:

    waited all that time to not see a no scope

  3. Lil Spongy says:

    @0:16 I hear that xxx reference

  4. ZYLORE says:

    He swapped a purple tac for a green one

  5. Parihs says:

    Epic games should add a final killcam lmao

  6. Lucas says:

    wish i was able to see the shot at the end!!!!

  7. Conner says:

    Thanks for showing the no scope

  8. IMJUSTSIXY says:

    doesnt even show the no scope

  9. There is talk on the street that if you comment on Randumbs video that he will pin it is that true?❤️

  10. Letful says:

    Aw you didn’t even show the no scope

  11. ItsDynamic says:

    RANDUMB!!…where the FUCK!!! is your neck?

  12. BMO Edits says:

    You passed a chest in the first minute lol

  13. Bleeks says:

    Randumb: “How many kills did u have?”
    Nick: “I only had 5”

  14. iTz Affical says:

    Your videos are so beast 🙂

  15. 97 likes Notification squad LOVE U JORDANN

  16. Seany says:

    When he had the chance to take the second green double pump and didn't in the beginning I screamed

  17. ninjah says:

    where the fuck is it

  18. Matt Riley says:

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Seahawks passed the ball.

  19. Memez says:

    Fortnite Spinners>COD Spinners

  20. Obi says:

    Nicks Trickshot on Twitter was awesome

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