NO SKIN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale

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SSundee and Crainer TEAM UP once again and try to win!
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28 Responses

  1. Who els is watching in 2019

  2. i like your video ssundee

  3. Jimmy Clark says:

    did you intend to go back to mincraft after you got back or did you intend to go to fortnite

  4. Such noobs sundee pick a worse shotgun

  5. PlasmaPlays says:

    Drink the first aid kit

  6. Georg Tjøm says:

    I love you, you are the best YouTube like if you are agree

  7. "I havent played in 4 months so bare with me"
    Me: Your tier 92 lmao

  8. Not a hater but…………… YOUR HAIRLINE!!!!!!!!!! ??????

  9. Did crainer just said "did you say im you r darling"

  10. Filou Hoppy says:

    love your fortnite videos

  11. whos watching this in season 7

  12. Lyle Bennett says:

    7:53 is that a default in the corner??? (Not ssundee mod crainer)

  13. Jolo7t says:

    Wow then I must be playing a challenge everyday because I am a no skin

  14. Wait 9 month ago was season 1? Wow

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