OCG – [Patched] Out Of Map Overwatch Glitch on Nepal

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Here we go, i found a out of map glitch on Nepal! Im using Sombra again to break out of another map! We are getting outside of the map on Shrine (The second capture point) Dont forget its a capture point, its a 3-in-1 out of map! Have fun !

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30 Responses

  1. creepjax says:

    i found another glitch with sombra in nepal probably gonna make a video about it

  2. thatoneguy says:

    hey umm this glitch was showcased in Force Gaming's channel…. In particular the video that talks about when the overwatch anniversary event begins

  3. Indoman123 says:

    Do you think any of these glitches have been patched with the uprising update?

  4. Ludvig helms says:

    How do u only have 1000 subs?! Great work keep It up

  5. Encore une vidéo géniale ! Merci beaucoup pour votre contenu , parce que j'adore faire des glitchs ! <3

  6. LASERxGAMING says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    the title is english
    why arn't you

  7. i went through the edge of the map and back WoW

  8. HSML says:

    Sombra can go through the death limit, meaning she can go out of any map

  9. Hey OCG I found a way to get into point two on that ilios glitch you made a few days ago you can show people the glitch
    If you give a shoutout to my chanel on that vide.oand that's it you can find the glitch on my chanel and to any one else who might be interested and the reason why I spelt some thing incorrect is so I won't go in his spam box

  10. and Hollywood.😁 plz😄

  11. a way out of Hanamura. and I think I spelled that wrong.

  12. NerfBastion says:

    put 0% cool down in the thumbnail because some people are only here for glitches that are worth doing

  13. thatoneguy says:

    so what map is next?

  14. Blue Brow says:

    Hay I was wondering could you find a way out of oasis I really want to get out of that map but all the ways are already patched but it would be cool if you could show people how

  15. enfin un glitch sur nepal simple , à quand sur lijiang et anubis ? ? 🙂

  16. Zeonixx says:

    How do you find these?

  17. Mr Modder says:


  18. Red Axe Cat says:

    Awesome I spent some time looking but came up empty. Cool! Never where I would have though to look either.

  19. hytrox dero says:

    Really like your vids! Can you please write in title when its a 0% cooldown glitch and when not! Thx

  20. marc amm says:

    OCG glitches are one of the best joys of games, thanks to you I have had so much fun and have done every single non patched glitch on your channel, so thank you man, if you ever start to stream one day you got yourself a donator

  21. IRON SQUAD says:


  22. Salut
    Quel est ton PSN?

  23. I hear that your comment can get pinned or liked by the channel if your early. I wonder

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