OLD MAN REIN! – Overwatch Competitive Gameplay (Funny Moments)

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NEW VIDEO: “SPIDEY SENSES TINGLING – Spider-Man Gameplay Funny Moments (Ep. 3)”
Reinhardt is old.
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What is the glory that is Overwatch?

In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded…

overwatch update

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23 Responses

  1. Jeanna R says:

    I would love to play on Xbox with you my lord ??

  2. Billy Smith says:

    Love your vids you should do more with fruit

  3. guus volker says:

    can you make a tshirt?

  4. guus volker says:

    do you always react to your comments?

  5. TruNoom says:

    Move to the rhythm everybody xD Love the vid <3

  6. You know I never have done a comp game in Overwatch all. Totally affraid of letting everyone down

  7. Aerios can you turn up the volume a bit

  8. The saying is "play it by ear"

  9. MooMoo146 says:

    Aaerios is it bad that In my whole life I have eaten about 2 tacos

    I'm sorry my lord

  10. EthanBenard says:

    Good show nobleman, mighty good show!

  11. Why are your videos always soo quiet??

  12. I know a guy who spent 70 hours on mercy

  13. You and fruit sound very much alike, coincidence?

  14. Adam says:

    When did you record this video the mercy bit said 1979-2016 lol still great video.

  15. Potaishee says:

    love your silliness aaerios but i dont think your teams apreciate it as much as your viewers especially in comp

  16. You're going to actually convince me to play overwatcb

  17. Game Over says:

    I didn't know you had a channel all those times you played with Fruit

  18. You are a very talented voice person!!! Loving them voices

  19. albertoog says:

    but i love this video

  20. Aaerios are you gonna make an update video on the ASN account

  21. albertoog says:

    the volume is really low for me

  22. Jack Hank says:

    This video made me want chalupas

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